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Hydroponics and Water Quality

Most hydroponic growers assume that the crystal clear odorless water they get from their tap is pure water, so therefor should be perfectly safe for their hydroponic systems. After all, it’s safe for people to drink why not their plants, and who has herd of water quality being an issue in soil gardens either. […]

Hydroponics for Beginners

Most new people to hydroponics (newbies) tend to get over whelmed by it all. Is hydroponics complicated? It can be if you try to take on to much at the very start. In fact, it can be quite simple. If you have ever grown plants in soil you can grow plants using hydroponic systems. […]

Keeping hydroponic roots healthy

It can be easy to forget about the root systems of your plants, but with the root systems health being so vital, and the fact that healthy roots will grow vigorously throughout all stages of the plants development, there certainly an important factor to consider for growing healthy plants. Sometimes it can be easily […]

Aeroponics vs Hydroponics

Aeroponics is a slight alteration of the traditional hydroponic system. Aeroponics gets its name because the nutrient solution is mixed with the air (“aero”) using misters or foggers to atomized the nutrient-rich water solution. Aeroponic systems simply uses a mist, or fog, to keep the root systems moist with the nutrient solution by spraying […]

Build Your own Hydroponics Water Culture System

One of the easiest types of hydroponic systems to build is a Water Culture system. It’s also often called a Deep Water Culture (DWC) or a Bubble system. With a Water Culture System there is only one moving part, the air pump. The air pump supply’s a continuous flow of air to the air […]

Complete Mobile Hydroponics Grow Room Trailer

Take a look at this complete mobile hydroponics grow room installed inside custom trailers from Tow & Grow. The fully carbon ventilated trailer includes a 500 gallon temperature controlled nutrient tank and can be outfitted with 2,000 watts to 14,000 watts of digital HPS grow lights.

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Homemade Indoor NFT Hydroponics System

Take a look at this very well done homemade indoor NFT hydroponics system that our hydroponics forum member Txice built. NFT Hydroponics stands for Nutrient Film Technique Hydroponics, where the nutrients are delivered via a recirculating stream of solution that is driven by a water pump.

The nutrients in Txice’s setup are fed through […]

Automated Hydroponics System DIY with Growtronix

One of our forum members recently posted some pictures of his automated computer controlled hydroponics growing system. Using a combination of computer and some software and hardware pieces from Growtronix, he is able to automate many functions of his growing systems, as well as monitor and data log many essential environmental conditions.

The Growtronix […]

Self Sustaining Hydroponics System from Philips

Pictured below is a self-sufficient mini-farm concept of a futuristic kitchen designed by Philips. Creating synergies between the fish, vegetables, plants and algae, this self sustaining biosphere can operate without electricity. The Biotoweruses only water, organic waste and the sun’s energy to power several small ecosystems connected to each other. From top to bottom, […]

Conserving nutrients and resources with hydroponic foggers

Conserving nutrients and resources with hydroponic foggers Aeroponic fogging also know as hydroponic foggers are used for numerous horticultural applications including root fogging, foliar feeding, growroom & greenhouse humidity generation. Ultrasonic foggers, also know as nebulizers are excellent aids to propagation and production as they can be used to create an excellent environment for all […]