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Bob's Gardens

Bobshydro1.jpg (25219 bytes)

NFT (nutrient film technique)...a slow stream of nutrient rich water runs constantly along the bottom of the tray. It has lettuce and basil.

bhydro2.jpg (38520 bytes)

  28 strawberry plants in a 26" X 46" area.

bhydro3.jpg (21500 bytes)

A drip system with a 430 watt HID light

bhydro4.jpg (21814 bytes)

Tomato plants at the office. Each pot has its own regulatory valve and storage underneath the pot. The
major reservoir of 15 gallons is on the ledge behind.

Dbob,s.jpg (28147 bytes)

Tomato plants at twelve weeks.

bob's2.jpg (25750 bytes)

36 plants in a 40" X 72" drip system. basil, oregano peppers, lettuce, peppermint, spearmint, cilantro,

fbob's.jpg (23206 bytes)

Tomatoes ready for harvest.

bob's4.jpg (27972 bytes)

36 plants in a 40" X 72" drip system. basil, oregano peppers, lettuce, peppermint, spearmint, cilantro,

bob's5.jpg (27873 bytes)

roses, chives, onions, cucumber and a left over poinsettia from Easter


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