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What is the definition of hydroponics?

what is the definition of hydroponics?

Hey Ron, I saw that you were working on a hydroponics Christmas tree and was wondering what plant are you using (pine?) I can't wait to see how it turns out! Mandy

I will finish it way before Christmas and post pictures to show how to build your own.

If I were going to fertilize and water my vegtables is there an order I should do it in that would be best, or should I not do one right after the other?

I would like to set up greenhouses for cucumbers, peppers and squash. I can't seem to locate the links that explain how to build a commercial setup. I saw one a few weeks ago, but can't find it now that I am looking for it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Sean

hi, i set up a hydroponics system that has about 12 plants growing in it right now. I use the formula 1 A and B for the solution. i am having somewhat good results, but i dont know what kind of lighting i should use. what do you recommend as the best for the cheapest price. thanks, cc

HPS or MH 

i live in the greater Daytona beach area and i was wonder if anyone knew where i could find a new or used grow light?? hps 150 or 250 watt any help would be nice

Information about hydroponics is all over the web. You can start by looking through this site. If that ain't enough, try the below sites for info & do it yourself units. There are a bunch more, you just have to look!!!!!



what are the future uses of hydroponics

I want to start indoor plants for my garden. Can someone help me! I need to know what I need to buy, how to build it and how to use it... Can someone help? Email me at Thanks Chris

How can I find a threaded tee and a hose connector?

Ron, You are a good man, thanks for answering my questions, your info is very helpful and appreciated.

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