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Would someone have plans for hydrogardens?

Can you recommend any sources of seeds that are especially compatible with hydroponics. I am looking for vegetable seeds like tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. Thanks

Attn: Pingman

Yes, I have a GE 15 minute timer and run it 15 mins. on/off 24 hrs./day. Except between 10 AM and 6PM it's set to 30 mins. on and 15 mins. off cause that's the hottest part of the day.

The feed tubing I use is .156 in. inside diameter, and I'm beginning to think that it's a bit small. I got a length of 3/4 in. PVC tube yesterday and some 1/4 in. inside diameter feed tubing yesterday at Home Depot to experiment with. I'm first going to drill 10 holes in the 3/4 in. and countersink them, then press the .156 tubing in the holes and check what kind of flow I get. Then I will do the same again with larger holes for the 1/4 in. inside diameter feed tube and check the flow again. With 49 outlets needed on my other garden, I need more flow and want to use regular PVC pipe instead of the smaller pipe used on the Dig Corp. emmitter system. If it works, I'll send a sketch to Ron.

Sorry about the promised pics, I've just been too busy to get out in the back yard and get them, maybe this morning I can do it.


Just got finished building the 11 plant Garden.. Thanks for the plans! Gonna start watering(flooding) every 30 min.. does it hurt to flood during the night? My thinking is that the roots would dry out if I didn't... Thanks Jay

Can tomatoe seeds grow just using soap water?

What are the disadvantages of hydroponics growing ?

Ain't none.

In reference to the thinwall 1" SDR 26 Pipe, Is the pressure rating 200 or 160 PSI?

Is it safe to eat vegetables grown in hydrophonics nutrient solution media comapared to those grown in soil media

Leaks with 2 litter caps. I found using the water bottle caps that come with the pop-up work better. They are little bit taller and they already have a hole in them. Just pop off the pop up and break the the little plastic end off. I tried PVC cement and had a lot of leaks. I switch to RED Hot Blue Glue and it work a lot better. Beats me why they call it Red hot, it is blue and not hot and does smell.

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