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  1. Lighting for Ron's 11 plant hydroponics garden
  2. chlorine as a disinfectant agent for cleaning hydroponic setups?
  3. Hydroponic growth stages..
  4. Growing seasons in St. Petersburg
  5. Hydroponic 12 volt timer
  6. watering the blocks/plants
  7. solo cups
  8. right nutrients
  9. cannot find any hydroponic fertilizer, fish emulsion?
  10. question about hydroponic Aeration
  11. strength of my hydroponic nutrient solution
  12. can I use lava rocks?
  13. Hydroponic Cucumbers
  14. one or two plant system
  15. treatment with metalaxyl
  16. commercial 1 gallon system.
  17. swamp cooler
  18. problems with spider mites
  19. producing cutflowers (roses)
  20. where to buy the nutrient solution
  21. trying to grow hydroponic rice
  22. What is Hydroponics?
  23. roots are starting to clog up the pipe
  24. bend and shape your 1/2 liter bottles
  25. make my own hydroponic Nutrient solution
  26. fruiting cycle
  27. commercial greenhouse plans
  28. used rockwool
  29. submersible pump and air pump
  30. germinating plants in rockwool
  31. Multiple plants in one system
  32. germinate seeds with a wet napkin
  33. computerized grow room
  34. mercury vapor lamps
  35. decrease the pH salinity
  36. growing strawberries
  37. nutrient solution A and B
  38. free plans to build a hydroponic garden
  39. natural earth conditions
  40. to much air
  41. timer
  42. 1 inch PVC 11 plant garden
  43. pH optimum range
  44. Miracle Grow
  45. bottles to the pipe
  46. co2 generator
  47. humidity beads
  48. c02 level
  49. 11 plant garden for growing tomato's
  50. hydroponic wholesalers
  51. Ebb and Flow or a Nutrient Flow System
  52. prevention and cure
  53. sources of seeds
  54. plants began to wilt
  55. the agriculture buisness
  56. styrofoam peanuts as a medium
  57. grow tomato plants
  58. grow rocks
  59. photosysthesis needs water
  60. how big a nutrient tank to use?
  61. very fine cob webs
  62. How long do I run the pump
  63. "correct" HID bulb for plant growth?
  64. tall and the lower leaves
  65. being too hot
  66. draining of the h20 in the growing cup
  67. change the solution
  68. phosphoric acid
  69. I can't find the pump
  70. algae control in hydroponic systems
  71. Kmart KGRO GRO BEST
  72. a good medium to use for the 11 plant hydro garden?
  73. brown on the bottom of my tomatoes
  74. design and mechanically
  75. you should fill then drain
  76. advantages of hydroponics farming?
  77. What kind of tomato seeds
  78. enclosed hydroponic system
  79. pipes cracked and burst
  80. any way to drip from the top
  81. rockwool in the 11 plant set-up
  82. a LOT of lime in the water
  83. growing produce indoors
  84. what the feeding cycle
  85. oxygenate the solution
  86. what type of fertilize
  87. four foot two tube flourescent
  88. Reasonably priced H.I.D lighting
  89. grow hydroponicly
  90. HID lights
  91. what emmiter is used
  92. leach the system with fresh water
  93. about water cycle?
  94. problem of damping off
  95. hydro system
  96. what type of timer
  97. When I germinate seeds
  98. a paragraph on hydroponics
  99. my hydro system (deep flow)
  100. have to be painted white
  101. economical except lighting
  102. reservoir for the 11 Plant Garden
  103. rock wool construction board
  104. grow rocks similar to hydrocorn?
  105. 4"PVC standing vertical
  106. project on hydroponics
  107. controlled environment
  108. to crazy weather
  109. crops to be grown hydroponicly
  110. best way to create the access holes
  111. What is hydropontics?
  112. will that cause sex-reversal?
  113. powered by an aquarium air pump
  114. how to curl the 2 liter bottles
  115. how do you grow a plant from seed
  116. Calcium-Sulfur mixture
  117. tomato plants should be flushed
  118. I have a conductivity meter
  119. thin wall PVC
  120. seedlings in those "peat pellets"
  121. botanical insecticide / pesticide against aphids?
  122. build the 11 plant garden
  123. be all right to use miracle grow
  124. fig tree using hydroponics
  125. know of a flower that loves water
  126. grower of hydroponic tomatoes
  127. What are the 11 1" pvc pieces for?
  128. cheapest way to control humidity in my hydroponics setup
  129. project my air outdoor
  130. plants we grew are rotting
  131. curling the edges of the 2 liter bottles?
  132. 400wt hps closer to my plants
  133. crushed brick
  134. growing in a tropical climate?
  135. problem gluing the fittings?
  136. built hydroponic and aquaculture farms, hydroponic wasabi?
  137. question about water pumps
  138. unsure of the lighting schedule
  139. some yellowing on the upper leaves
  140. cost per cu/ft of CO2
  141. Need help fast!
  142. how stable are the plants in windy conditions?
  143. high humidity
  144. greenhouse is northern Texas
  145. When you plant in the bottles
  146. height which I can build greenhouse
  147. Can we attach a sensor
  148. 50-60 adjustable pump in home depot
  149. any info on light cycles
  150. Can citrus plants grow
  151. where can i get seeds
  152. how many oz can i expect?
  153. hydroponics garden for a science fair project?
  154. illegal drugs using hydroponics?
  155. reasonably priced cycle timer
  156. is a 30 min. on, 30 min. off timer ok
  157. 4 young tomato plants die
  158. Nutrient Salts Meter
  159. system for germination seed
  160. grow for tomatoes plus
  161. forgive a dumb question
  162. distance from light to plant
  163. wondering about lighting
  164. growing in 3" by 3" Rockwool
  165. tap water at about 130ppm
  166. root expansion for flowering plants
  167. what do you plant the plant into?
  168. difference of ammonium nitrogen and nitrate nitrogen
  169. minimum space for a 250W
  170. fish ponds and various types of filters
  171. stainless steel faucet screens
  172. flood and drain duration
  173. basic measurement for pressure
  174. regarding CO2 enrichment
  175. Kitty litter as grow medium?
  176. can't find calcium chloride.
  177. problems with leaks
  178. EC level going up as days pass ?
  179. check the maximum pump height
  180. entire TIME from seed to fruit
  181. cooling my system
  182. outside timer getting wet
  183. process of washing the roots
  184. blossoming in tomato plants
  185. Where can I find a cycle timer?
  186. Gurgle Garden not working
  187. good growing medium for the 11 plant garden?
  188. chemicals from the plastic
  189. Difference between lava rocks and grow rocks
  190. leeching the system
  191. best nutrient solution
  192. Can strawberries be grown hydroponicly
  193. I want to grow tomatoes.
  194. How do you keep your nutrient solution cool?
  195. Do I need a cover or something to block the rain
  196. solo cups to start seedlings
  197. using an air stone to control solution temp
  198. How do you raise or lower PPM?
  199. rockwool holds LOTS of water
  200. How many pounds of grow rocks i need?
  201. does the water drain back through the pump
  202. what should the ppm be
  203. began to grow a single-fingered leaf
  204. mercury vapor lights
  205. using an external pump
  206. use Calcium Chloride
  207. can grow rocks be re-used?
  208. How about those 500W halogen shop spotlights
  209. Can i use larger cups
  210. asked about cantaloupe
  211. plants developed white fly
  212. should i use a shade cloth
  213. 3/4 to1/2
  214. do i get the video
  215. using 30-35 oz cups
  216. About generating CO2
  217. 2 liter bottles in the frying pan
  218. General Hydroponics
  219. vegetable success with the 2 liter/16 oz. system?
  220. potatoes be grown hydroponically?
  221. All newbie hydroponics growers!
  222. pollen being microscopic
  223. how to wire your own HID lights?
  224. is a pump necessary
  225. developing a controlled greenhouse
  226. water doesn't rise enough
  227. special types of seeds
  228. mixture for seedling, and for mature;
  229. someone on ebay is selling your *free* hydro garden plans.
  230. how far from the plants should i have my lighting fixture.
  231. Reverse Osmosis water for our plants and fish
  232. My soda bottles are overflowing
  233. growing Okra using hydroponics
  234. can i use aquarium gravel as my medium
  235. cukes are sprouting under some cool fluorescents
  236. what the solution was you use for hydroponics
  237. your source of P ?
  238. MH and HPS lights at lowe's
  239. local hardware and garden shop
  240. 16 ounce cups
  241. what size container do i use
  242. School mentor needed
  243. about your chop saw?
  244. difference between an Ebb and Flow
  245. what you do when assembling the PVC
  246. grow orchids
  247. florida hurt the plants
  248. clearing solutions are not needed before harvest?
  249. Do I need to use a mild nutrient solution for clones?
  250. What is needed to produce 600-900 heads of lettuce per week?
  251. problems getting my tomato plants to produce.
  252. their thoughts possibly easing your load
  253. fish water would make a good solution to
  254. should I be using the 250 watt light for the vegetative phase
  255. what is hydroponics?
  256. the growing of wine grapes hydroponically?
  257. when you talk about TDS / ppm / ec
  258. growing of wine grapes hydroponically.
  259. get two light systems
  260. systematic approach to your nutrients
  261. what do i do 2 plant the seeds
  262. bland tasting vegetables
  263. Bike week! A blast from the past
  264. to much light in my grow room.
  265. Peters 20-20-20 for my nutrient
  266. Lava rocks the same
  267. How do you prune peppers
  268. do you spend on pvc ?
  269. examples of vegetables & fruits
  270. tomatoes started to wilt
  271. hydro veggies taste more like they were grown in soil?
  272. timer come on every 20 min.?
  273. how long to you have the timer come on
  274. tomatoes and cucumbers together in greenhouse?
  275. a software program for mixing nutrients
  276. where can u get magnesium sulfate and calcium nitrate
  277. how far down should i put the plants in the 11-plant system?
  278. 430 watt be appropriate for the 11 plant sys ?
  279. a plant called Horses Tail.
  280. dilution rates of soil fertilers for hydroponic solutions?
  281. 1 hr before venting with fresh air
  282. growing fruit hydroponically?
  283. infrared cameras
  284. tomatoes are stress cracking
  285. homemade nutrient solution
  286. make your own Hydroponic Lights
  287. what do i put in the containers
  288. standard light work for plants.
  289. growing mediums that resemble small pebbles
  290. 1/2 inch hose connecter
  291. good way to cut the 2 liter bottles?
  292. my own nutrrrreeeint solution
  293. a pond inhabited by fishes
  294. computer control for their hydroponic systems?
  295. do i leave the nodes intact
  296. what kind of rocks or clay balls
  297. calcium chloride is road salt
  298. fluorescent bulb enough
  299. had any success with cucumbers?
  300. the Canadian hydroponics market.
  301. can I let the pump run continuously?
  302. wouldn't straight water and miralce gro be sufficant
  303. razing uncle sam's eyebrows?
  304. what type of grow medium is best?
  305. too much flow in the system
  306. you supposed to add nutrient to the solution?
  307. grow potatoes hydroponically?
  308. adjustable overflow pipe
  309. best watering routine?
  310. a living with your Hydroponic ventures?
  311. 16oz solo cups large enough to grow tomato or pepper plant?
  312. Is 15 minutes on every 1 1/2 hr enough.
  313. Why is fertilizer formulated without the necessary Ca, Mg
  314. Could you add a "Return to Top"
  315. Do i need to rinse the rocks off before i use them?
  316. grow light in my local hardware store
  317. what pump im using
  318. is will swapping 100 watt hps
  319. correct nutrient temperature (and air temperature)
  320. dangerous is it to run a 400w HPS light
  321. growing some tomatoes
  322. recent pics of your banana tree
  323. Should I leave these flowers or prune.
  324. what strength should I add the N
  325. how many 400 watt lights should I use for the 11 plant system?
  326. What is the optimal Ph for growing tomato plants in a hydro system.
  327. roots stay in constant contact with the nutrient solution will I get root rot?
  328. When is there any need to use a one gallon size
  329. I can not find schedule 26 pvc
  330. tank made of steel plate for hydroponic?
  331. how long does it take to power up a 1000 watt hps
  332. I build my own rainforest cloning chamber
  333. the materials harmful to children?
  334. How often do I add more nutrients?
  335. am concerned with the heat... fire?
  336. how dangerous is c02
  337. irrigation system for hydroponics.
  338. What is the proper way to clone a plant?
  339. tomato plants in a full 2 liter instead of using a gal
  340. Hydrangea bush is enormous but it won't bloom
  341. Masquito Magnet - it releases co2
  342. outer skin crack on my juicy tomatoes.
  343. garden from you a while back
  344. What pumps the water?
  345. using a 500w halogen security spotlight
  346. problem that the roots are in the solution for 15 minutes
  347. "lock out" is there any way to undo this?
  348. one mister is sufficient for the whole kit
  349. what's in your half bottles to hold the plants?
  350. to run atmosphere control
  351. can imagine the water running back through the pump
  352. what kind of vegetables grow well in this kind of system?
  353. what do u connect the pump to the pvc pipe
  354. kind of pump is in the design
  355. what are good plants
  356. how long should the water be at this level?
  357. the roots are brown and rotten
  358. chlorine as a disinfectant agent
  359. Leaves started to turn brown
  360. best growing rocks
  361. growing seasons
  363. pvc piping?
  364. Metal Halide Hi-Bay Warehouse Lights
  365. hydroponic pest solutions...
  366. LED Grow Lights
  367. Glue for Bottle Caps to PVC in 11 bottle system ...
  368. Beginner question
  369. types of crops
  370. Newb for Hydro Ron's 11 plant system
  371. Vertical Growth System - new system
  372. Gallon System Help Needed
  373. PVC inserts
  374. fogger in ebb and flow system
  375. My Hot Pepper Situation
  376. advice on creating hydro-setup for emersed aquaticplants.
  377. hydroponic veggies in middle east
  378. Low light problem
  379. Starting hydroponics
  380. best way to set up the drain
  381. bumper crop grow system
  382. Self Priming Siphon System
  383. Geranium question
  384. Optimum times for Ebb & Flow system?
  385. Pepper growing question.
  386. Best Hydroponic System Available?
  387. collard greens????????
  388. Diagnostic Information Needed
  389. Slow Growing Plants
  390. water level
  391. Wierd spots on chili leaves :(
  392. Newbie Building N.F.T system & growing watermelons! Need help!
  393. Cross Pollination
  394. 11 bottle system
  395. Looking for a Hydro System: Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, Cukes & Herbs
  396. Tomato diagnosis
  397. Broccoli
  398. De-bug greenhouse
  399. Baby Watermelon & Strawberries in Basement?
  400. ebb and flow timer and timing questions
  401. habanero leaves curling
  402. Hydroponics and Salmonella
  403. Better Tomatoes... with Urine?
  404. Floating raft system
  405. Ec & ppm
  406. My plant by wilted in 6 hours
  407. pump question and DWC
  408. Advice needed on a root vegtable system
  409. simple hydro tomatoes
  410. new member coming through
  411. any thoughts on G.E. foods
  412. please help!!
  413. Anyone Grown Rhubarb?
  414. Green Fodder(Barley) for animal feed
  415. Root color
  416. Can anyone help me guage my progress?
  417. How do you prep your city water?
  418. Just wondered if anyone uses an air compressor for their air supply
  419. Soda pop bottle wick aeroponics
  420. Is there a (tomato) doctor in the house?
  421. Growing Tomatoes
  422. Beautiful plants..... No fruit??? Why?
  423. Tomato Disease?
  424. Air Lift Method?
  425. Conditions Matter
  426. Trying Strawberries
  427. Cutting back tomato plants
  428. New here; wanted to say hi.
  429. Progress and Frustrations
  430. Dutch bucket winter squash
  431. NFT Lettuce
  432. heirloom seeds?
  433. High Tech Seed Germination System
  434. Best System for Peppers
  435. Reservoir size related to anything ?
  436. Grow tent / box or none needed ?
  437. looking for seed sources
  438. Disolved oxygen meter
  439. best diy setup for tomatos
  440. Hydroponic Mushrooms
  441. CO2 Enrichment
  442. Foggers
  443. newb question: keeping water at correct temps
  444. Now I'm finally fruity
  445. Hot weather hydroponics
  446. Growing in unfinished basement feasible
  447. Hydro Green Beans
  448. hydroponic shed in the house
  449. Mobile Hydroponics Grow Room?
  450. Lettuce question
  451. Control of algae
  452. Help, just getting started
  453. draining ebb and flow
  454. Botanicare Tanks
  455. Hi! Newbie member
  456. some ideas
  457. newbi here, hi all
  458. does anything come OUT of the roots ?
  459. Lettuce grow
  460. Strawberry info
  461. Help with tomatoes in Cambodia for orphanage
  462. pollination
  463. Tap water - Chlorine / PPM / pH
  464. Plants drying from the bottom up. Why?
  465. testers
  466. Help?: Hydroponic Tomato Problem, Pictures and Log
  467. Something easy to start with?
  468. rasberry roots black
  469. mini greenhouse?
  470. Hydroponic at 45-50 degree celcious
  471. Hydroponic Strawberries & Tomatoes DWC
  472. Two Hydroponic Tomato Questions:
  473. Does anybody know why this is happening
  474. what are these yellow dots???
  475. Roses
  476. grafting for hydroponic gardening
  477. 'fridges for chillers
  478. Light for herbs
  479. Information.
  480. Heat??
  481. pH Questions
  482. two tomato problems
  483. Tomatoe nutrient problems?
  484. Identify this tomato problem
  485. Tomato leaves 'coiled up'?
  486. Some newbie questions
  487. Spots on pepper
  488. adjusting PH
  489. New Guy With An NFT Question
  490. Floating raft system question
  491. Bubbler setup too hot
  492. Using a fogger to root cuttings?
  493. Help with starting seeds
  494. Drip irrigation tomato system flow amount question
  495. I believe i am having a pollination problem
  496. PH and EC Relation
  497. Rain Water
  498. Cooling the Nutrient Solution
  499. New system installing
  500. Different Veggies in same ebb tray
  501. Hydrofarm System
  502. Light Time For seedlings
  503. Opinions of my new idea for Drip or Ebb and Flow system
  504. Water Level Indicators
  505. Is this site safe?
  506. Change or not to change
  507. Root Health - Rockwool vs Perlite
  508. Help With Kohirabi
  509. New Indoor Gardening Shop In Planning (NH)
  510. My new winter crop is coming to life!
  511. Favorite Pepper seeds
  512. Design, setup and production from a Commercial Hydroponic Farm
  513. what am i doing wrong i have a lettuce tree
  514. Best Inline Fans
  515. Newbie home gardener
  516. Root Rot
  517. hydro systems
  518. Question about dead stems
  519. Free Virtual Grower Program
  520. Starting seeds in stone/perlite mix?
  521. Root plug sizes for nft?
  522. Aeroponic Design
  523. Aeroponic Question
  524. Is this root rot?
  525. Hydro-Almanac
  526. Anybody using a Verti-Gro System
  527. Getting chilies ripe
  528. Do I need to top my lavender?
  529. Newbie... Timeline
  530. Seedlings, how do I treat them?
  531. Starting my first system
  532. whats the proper ph level?
  533. Sun Light question
  534. Food Grade Plastic
  535. Root Crops
  536. Aquaponics
  537. looking into starting a system
  538. Salmonella and similar disease in hydroponic systems?
  539. Responsible Gardening
  540. Many questions......
  541. Planning stages
  542. Luffa?
  543. new drip system
  544. How do you upload pics
  545. Hydroponics vs. health
  546. 11 Plant Hydroponic System pump
  547. Dealing with the vines
  548. Strawberries wilting
  549. Need help with next system
  550. Ideas for a travel-sized system anyone?
  551. The weirdest thing happened today
  552. PH Tester / Meter
  553. Hydroculture Newbie - UK
  554. Dumb Basil Question
  555. drooping tomato plant
  556. baby greens(spring mix)
  557. Indoor Pest control
  558. New Recirculationg DWC System on Ebay...
  559. New to the forums need some help.
  560. Air Stones in an Ebb and Flow?
  561. Curling tomato leaves
  562. NEWBIE needs guiding Hydroponics Kenaf
  563. new member considering hydroponics
  564. drooping peppers?
  565. New drip system question
  566. Help on zucchini, & squash
  567. What are these spots on my Spinach plants
  568. Pest's!!!
  569. The Tale Of Two Seedlings
  570. Evaporation or "Drinking"??
  571. Tomatoes with black bottoms
  572. root gnats/aphids
  573. Intermatic Digital Timers on sale!
  574. Hydro or Soil?
  575. Legal Cannabis Medical Grow
  576. How likely is mold indoors?
  577. Bell pepper dropping fruit and tomato not producing buds
  578. Newbe and need help Deficiencie
  579. New Forum Folders - Individual Plants
  580. Nutrient solution composition problem
  581. Tomato Plants are not producing....
  582. What are the most cost effect nutrients for lettuce?
  583. Another Beginner Thread!
  584. Tobacco Mosaic Virus or Environmental Stress?
  585. Where do you get your seeds?
  586. pH Down chemical
  587. water testing
  588. building a system 8x4 feet
  589. Stackable ebb and flow?
  590. best system for tomatoes?
  591. What Size pots would I use?
  592. Hydroponic Farm in Lebanon
  593. bitter basil??? Help
  594. New duel system question
  595. Watermelon Plant?
  596. cool TDS meter for low nutrient plants
  597. Skype group chat?
  598. Time Tinkering?
  599. Lettuce production thoughts.
  600. Growing leaf lettuce in tropical climate
  601. Where I get my seeds
  602. Portable Reverse Osmosis System Countertop 100-150 GPD
  603. 275 gal totes
  604. Interactive Program for Tomatos and Lettuce
  605. High tunnel greenhouse
  606. Subterranean heating and cooling system
  607. Local Fair
  608. Daily/weekly Hydro System Chart
  609. Cleaning and Sanitizing ???
  610. Lettuce Yields
  611. vinyl/plastic rain gutters
  612. Taking The Plunge: Building My First System
  613. Grouping: What Plants Can Run Off The Same Nutrients?
  614. Who Makes A Strong Greenhouse?
  615. Where To Get 3" Netpost With Wide Lip
  616. 10.00 question
  617. Problem with hydroponic cucumbers
  618. Germination ?'s
  619. System Design Help: Outdoor DWC Vegetable
  620. building a single indoor tomato setup, hps or tube fluorescent?
  621. Lettuce Raft Concerns
  622. Help with tomatoes... !!!!
  623. New hydro store in town
  624. Help with growing Marrows and pumpkins
  625. Out side Hydroponics
  626. Basil troubles
  627. Goodbye...
  628. Animal fodder
  629. Hydroponically Grown Plants article
  630. Help: seedling stems dying off.
  631. Hydroponic Peas in Rain Gutters?
  632. Record Heat = Record Annoyances
  633. PH goes Down
  634. PH keeps rising
  635. Newbie needs help with strawberries...
  636. What's wrong besides the obvious???
  637. Muddling Through Hydroponic Contingencies
  638. Nutrient Management Poll
  639. Farmer's Market/Stand Displays
  640. Competitive Gardening - Go Big or Go Home!
  641. Growing food commercially/Software
  642. Tube Tomatoes and Root Pruning
  643. Contest: 2012 tomato showdown
  644. Virtual Ghost of Arrion Hornsby
  645. Water Pump ???
  646. Clear (transparent) air lines for DWC
  647. Water PPM ?
  648. Hi everybody
  649. Newbie needs cold weather Basil advice
  650. hydrodome kit
  651. Help
  652. Cistern Cooler
  653. Newbie Questions about my mega farm ebb&flow system
  654. water recycling for DWC
  655. front Page!
  656. Hydro Club Meeting
  657. cuttings from tomato plants
  658. Fish tank on the top instead? NFT
  659. New and Undecided on Type of System
  660. Large scale Hydroponics farm in Kuwait
  661. Real Plant Water????????
  662. What am I doing wrong growing Deep Water Culture Hydroponic Lettuce?
  663. BPA Free Water Jugs
  664. do i need lights??
  665. Urban Hydro Farms
  666. Advanced nutrients is the worst hydroponics manufacturer there is
  667. Master Gardener Program
  668. New to both the forum and hydroponics...
  669. newbe
  670. Dwc
  671. Organic pH problem
  672. Plant grouping/needs
  673. buying a Smart-valve?
  674. Working a concept: feedback appreciated
  675. Moisure (hymidity) of substrat
  676. Problems with pests/fungus ??? Help
  677. New to Hydroponics - Want to Build a System With a Budget of $650
  678. My Tomatoes And Peppers Are Growing!
  679. Summer 2013 update
  680. Question About Nutrients
  681. Greenhouse!!!
  682. HELP- Crop King Nutrient Injector wire diagram
  683. Newbie question
  684. When to transplant seedlings to system. New to hydro
  685. Slits in Tomato Leaves
  686. Need help grow peppers!
  687. Algae on rockwool??
  688. Good but cheap nutes?
  689. 33 site recirculating aquaponic drip system
  690. no flowers on green beans
  691. Rockwool and nft
  692. Looking for someone to write some articles on hydroponics...
  693. Getting started.
  694. Sustained yield
  695. Hydroponic fruit in an apartment?
  696. Square net pots?
  697. radishes
  698. Best way to heat a small room?
  699. Hello Everybody! Newbee here, got an algae question/concern
  700. Cutting of root nodules
  701. Tadpoles
  702. Noob looking at a "dual-mode" system
  703. Is this root rot or beneficail fungi growth?
  704. PPM meter Hanna HI98308
  705. Efficiency
  706. Water
  707. What is this on my cucumber seedlings?
  708. yellow leaf
  709. Japanese maple tree
  710. Newbie
  711. Tomato problems
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