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  1. Grow lights, difference between Halogen and Metal Halide?
  2. Hydroponics in cold weather, is heating needed?
  3. growing seasons
  4. what size PVC pipe is good for tomatoes
  5. raise PH they suggest to add Asprin
  6. sterilized lava rock
  7. how does hydroponics work
  8. temperature in the greenhouse
  9. propagate seedlings
  10. watts? and type of reflector?
  11. explain PPM
  12. transparent bottles
  13. grow corn during the winter
  14. cutting bottles
  15. nutrient cycle times
  16. speaking about gravel
  17. how big to cut 2 liter bottles
  18. difference between CF and EC
  19. growing flowers from seeds
  20. seeds washing down the system
  21. polystyrene beads
  22. Lights for vegatative stage of cucumbers
  23. color is shamrock green
  24. white spots on the leaves
  25. overseas customers
  26. a dc timer
  27. best plants to grow
  28. vinegar can be used to lower ph
  29. seed development
  30. increase magnesium
  31. sterilized medium
  32. ebb & flow
  33. pump
  34. mold
  35. rockwool
  36. temperture in a hydro room
  37. pollinate the flowers
  38. starting plants
  39. rise or lower the Ph
  40. best hid's for plant growth
  41. what is the best ppm meter
  42. 11 plant system
  43. fertilizer
  44. trouble rooting my clippings
  45. Heat? My grow room
  46. increase the levels of CO2
  47. How long should you run the pump?
  48. can ebb & flo system be modified
  49. what's the best lighting system
  50. difficulty in getting nutrient for hydroponic
  51. lime in the water
  52. watering is a problem
  53. Miracle-Gro for tomatoes
  54. more than one overflow pipe
  55. changes in ph,ppm,or toxic build
  56. roots keep growing into the pipes
  57. Where can you get Peralite?
  58. dark brown spots on my banana tree
  59. Do you HAVE to glue it together?
  60. 300gph pump work in the 11 plant garden
  61. Ebb&Flow garden
  62. combination NFT and airoponics
  63. L lids glue to the tees
  64. cost effective to grow with hydroponics.
  65. Where can I get "white" bottles?
  66. running out of vertical space
  67. hydro vegetable garden as a business
  68. What is NFT?
  69. adding some HID lights to greenhouse
  70. light rays from one area to another
  71. spacing for lettuce
  72. i wish that it actually worked
  73. hydroponic chives
  74. indoor lighting
  75. seed germination
  76. science project with hydroponics
  77. cheapest pump
  78. 2 liter bottle system with sea of green
  79. how the 11 plant system drains
  80. phototrons work
  81. 20 bottle gallon system
  82. warmer than room temp. water
  83. which brand pump
  84. I have a banana tree
  85. technical questions
  86. thinwall pvc for drinking water
  87. good kind bud in the 11 Hydro
  88. I have fruit flies
  89. stuff used to lower ph in aquariums
  90. Gurgling Bucket: How's it work?
  91. plants are wilting badly
  92. 3 liter bottles?
  93. getting everything perfectly aligned
  94. I want to grow large plants
  95. green blocks used by florist
  96. solar powered pump , with timer
  97. rocks overflowing the cups
  98. I have a fungus infestation
  99. 2 plants have begun "wilting"
  100. Can I use (pea sized) gravel
  101. chrome colored spray paint
  102. size water pump
  103. What size (gallons per hour) pump
  104. 1200 to 1600 ppm for tomatoes
  105. biological aspect of bacteria
  106. watering 6 times a day to much?
  107. mid day wilt on your lettuce ?
  108. sterilize the system
  109. I have a problem with water height
  110. determine the fruit size of a tomato
  111. fan leaves are getting yellow edges
  112. vinegar till PH went to 6.0
  113. can you tell me about growing poppies?
  114. cool a garden room using a swamp cooler,
  115. inexpensive CO2 monitor
  116. is the thin wall sdr26 or sld 26
  117. question on ppm reading
  118. slow down growth to clip the roots?
  119. removing scale (calcium) build up
  120. where do i find a pump
  121. infested with very tiny, pointy silver/gray bugs
  122. question on seed germination
  123. Watering length to time
  124. smoke weed you get hungry
  125. how to control the temperature
  126. small lava rock could be used
  127. tank works best for the 11 plant
  128. gluing of the bottle caps
  129. small commercial operation
  130. 100 feet of 2 inch PVC pipe buried 4 feet underground
  131. what could I use instead of the 2 liter bottles
  132. what size pump for 11 plant system
  133. plants get in your 11 bottle system
  134. right system for max growth
  135. you suggest, the MH or HPS?
  136. get rid of the smell in doors
  137. don't want to use strong pesticides
  138. cherry tomatoes using the 2 liter bottles
  139. plants under 2 4' fluorescents
  140. growing lettuce in pvc
  141. What kind of vegetables are compatible for growing in 2 liter bottles?
  142. Do I need an air pump
  143. co2 enrichment
  144. need to hand pollinate
  145. algae is forming in the water
  146. How necessary is it to have a co2
  147. what is a pepper spray
  148. the roots become brown
  149. what does a draining system do?
  150. do we need to change the water
  151. the misters
  152. bad light spectrum
  153. white dots ( spec's ) on the leaves
  154. tomatoes need magnesium
  155. 3/4 pipe instead of 1 inch
  156. gallon jug caps in the 1 1/5 inch t's?
  157. Does bud room have to be pitch black
  158. The best way to deliver CO2
  159. ppm for early growth
  160. how close to the plant should the light be
  161. while bending a plant it broke
  162. What the hell is a solo cup
  163. Concerning Flowering
  164. transplanting from rockwool to geolite
  165. cubic inches of root space
  166. pepper plant was starting to wilt
  167. minimum amount of sunlight needed to grow tomato
  168. 1" peices of 1"PCV thinwall pipe.
  169. bleach jug system.
  170. tomatoes meant for a greenhouse.
  171. the overflow pipe
  172. best place to position the overflow
  173. (30-70 gph) good enough for 9 plant garden?
  174. how many gpm
  175. How far apart should I put the plants from the walls?
  176. propagation tray with clear plastic dome
  177. Sea of Green
  178. plant I have in soil
  179. I have been overfeeding
  180. roots plugging up the drain hole
  181. get my plants to flower
  182. ppm for Bell Peppers
  183. a testing kit or process
  184. PVC Thinwall Plumbing
  185. timer at Wal-Mart for eight bucks
  186. rockwool medium in the 2 liter bottles
  187. on the soil grown plant
  188. put in for the 11setup garden
  189. "Yeast and Sugar Fermentation"
  190. hydroponic system outside
  191. what type of timer
  192. drip system using a aquarium pump
  193. make sure the solution is properly mixed.
  194. How do hydroponics work?
  195. best way to control the water's Ph
  196. Is anyone out there practicing aquaponics
  197. a feeding schedule for various vegetables
  198. Perlite, won't it float
  199. certain percentages are for the nutrients
  200. 11 plant hydroponic system
  201. temp. hydroponic crops be grown?
  202. what kind of lumens
  203. how much lumens per sq. ft.
  204. 15 feet but yielded poorly
  205. how fast of a drop in pH can the plants take.
  206. grow tomatoes using a light source
  207. cheep growing solution
  208. how do you glue your caps
  209. see you at bike week
  210. tissue culture cloning?
  211. 125 watt grow bulbs (incandescent
  212. creating too much CO2 in my basement
  213. Sex of my plant?
  214. 1" thin wall pvc.
  215. start with drip or a flood system?
  216. controlling Algae?
  217. fasten the pvc piping down to the nutrient container?
  218. Buying growrocks
  219. what other house plants can be grown
  220. buy seeds for veg
  221. why the cups inside of the 2-liters?
  222. how do we put the plants in it?
  223. growing star fruit plants
  224. the chemicals you put in the water
  225. a lot of credit for your patience
  226. how heavy does a leaf type lettuce weigh ?
  227. 11 plant garden only suited for smaller plants?
  228. Kitty litter as hydroponic grow media?
  229. basic setup for making a lab
  230. growing a batch of tomatoes
  231. plants are going to start falling over
  232. something to use to prop them up
  233. about root rot
  234. described the phosphoric acid solution
  235. co2 be mixed & pumped
  236. could u cut holes in a bin
  237. how many times will I start the drip system
  238. selection of gluten-free products
  239. don't have access to electricity
  240. how long do you run the pump
  241. correct amount of fertilizer per gallon
  242. where to get all those 2-liter bottles.
  243. Is my solution too mild ?
  244. pictures or plants in stages
  245. Do low temperatures inhibit vegetative growing?
  246. white powder at the base growrocks.
  247. can i use ammonium nitrate
  248. banana tree doing these days?
  249. long will tomatoes keep producing
  250. can i use your 10-8-22 on both plants
  251. do you account for the ppm of the water value.
  252. How do you get the seed to germinate
  253. thinking of purchasing a water conditioner
  254. advantages of hydroponics
  255. pipe dream is really impressive
  256. Instead of paying large sums of money
  257. started a hydroponic tomato garden
  258. using the 4 by 4 rockwool cubes
  259. stop the algae from growing at all.
  260. a pre-mix for Dwarf Orianco
  261. where to attache pump to the 11 plant body.
  262. a dirt fertilizer in a aeroponic
  263. what kind of hose to use
  264. kills everything i plant
  265. supposed to recycle the water and nutrients
  266. can't stop the 2liter caps from leakin'
  267. Wal-Mart power head pump
  268. looks and feels like jello
  269. can I make a MH ballast into a HPS ballast
  270. question about how to use the timer.
  271. the right kind of lights
  272. the time between changing solution
  273. I used a blooming fertilizer
  274. so many choices for HID's
  275. 55 gallon fruit juice barrels?
  276. little black specs all over the main stem
  277. What about using halogen lamp
  278. Attention potheads !
  279. members discussion forum?
  280. wondering if the only source of lighting is HID
  281. best type of light to use?
  282. a submersible pump in the gurgle system
  283. Compact Fluorescents
  284. get hold of Grotek Gen-X formulas
  285. experimented with an Aeroponics set-up?
  286. Metal Halide vs Mercury Vapor lighting?
  287. best place in London
  288. the analytical experiment
  289. Help.... I bought some stuff called 'Hydro-Gro
  290. ndividual lengths of the PVC on the 16 plant system?
  291. what is the timing on the aeroponic pump
  292. where does the air pump come in?
  293. grow rock and will fish tank rock work
  294. Hydroponics thing
  295. multi level Ebb and flow
  296. Can this be used in my hydro
  297. my supplies from worms way
  298. When to discard a tomato plant?
  299. your hydro plant food is great
  300. do you need to add calcium nitrate to the Nutrient mix sold on this site?
  301. my leaves are getting yellow spots
  302. What kind of adhesive is recommended for securing the bottle caps
  303. electricity in your house?
  304. quick way to take Chlorine out of my water before adding my tomato formula
  305. most common hydroponic crop
  306. What other meters are folks running?
  307. creating the bottle with insert with solo cup
  308. problems with the nutrient getting diluted?
  309. humidity, and light quality/quantity
  310. best way to root tomato cuttings?
  311. i don't exactly grasp the whole process.?
  312. a great deal from hydroponics
  313. Can I use well water to feed my hydroponic garden?
  314. best place to find 2 liter bottles
  315. heavy downpour diluting my nutrient solution
  316. Someone is selling every piece of information on your site on ebay
  317. get the grow rocks
  318. containers be for tomato plants?
  319. what sort of pump do I need to buy??
  320. you can force a flowering plant back into vegetation
  321. How big of a "pot" do you need for tomatoes
  322. soil fertilizer because hydroponic fertilized
  323. is calcium nitrate still needed for hydro food.
  324. will this work or kill my plants?
  325. what are the dynamics are using rockwool and seeds
  326. alot of information on my new hobby
  327. how big a tank should be used for 500 plants
  328. how big should plants be at 3 weeks
  329. how long to let pump run
  330. How far should a 1000 watt light be from plants
  331. cool white fluorescent
  332. Halogen and Metal Halide lights
  333. 12 volt timer
  334. seeds grow the best hydroponically
  335. found 12 volt progamable timer!!
  336. can you alter light spectrums?
  337. Any experience w/ Compact Fluorescent Lights?
  338. cheap Metal halide floods
  339. LED Grow Lights
  340. compact flourescent lamp
  341. advice needed - sound artist
  342. Fiberoptics
  343. Inexpensive Grow Lights / Lighting?
  344. DIY light reflectors
  345. light set up
  346. Overdriving Florescent Lights
  347. CFL E39 Mogul base in a regular (medium) base ?
  348. Led for growing algea (crazy you think)
  349. Do I need direct sun at all?
  350. reuse grow light?
  351. How much light?
  352. need help with sodium grow lights
  353. newbie needs help with hypothetical system
  354. The eternal light question
  355. For Indoor Veggies
  356. LED grow lights experience?
  357. UFO LED light results
  358. CFL Growlight
  359. SSR for lights
  360. Light Wavelength
  361. Distance from plants 200 CFL
  362. 150W HPS for Tomato Plant
  363. Grow light for chilies and herbs & cause of CFL failure
  364. LED red and blue spectrum / cfl concept?
  365. Induction Lights
  366. HPS and MH light, I hope I made finally made the right call
  367. What light requirements need for tomatoes to ripen?
  368. Flourescent lights
  369. Aluminum PCB+ Vertical Hydro Attempt
  370. new tall order and need an idea of what to look for
  371. Lights Ordered: What Config? 8 x 4 Foot Bulbs. Help?
  372. got my first HPS system
  373. Newbie Metal Halide Setup
  374. Newbie LED tomato setup
  375. LED tomato and pepper grow
  376. Newbie LED questions.
  377. Results growing under TruLite LED growlight
  378. Lights selection
  379. distance from light to plants
  380. space and wattage ?
  381. Hydroponic tomatoes in house not producing
  382. 2hologen 1 cfl and 2 floresent
  383. Lighting questions
  384. Philips LED
  385. Small indoor herb garden light
  386. HPS or MH
  387. Light movers
  388. 6500K 3K Lumen Fluorescent vs 6500K 2.3K Lumen LED. Which is the better choice?
  389. Light recommendation for Tomato Hydroponic setup (first timer)
  390. How to?
  391. I need help
  392. I have a simple question
  393. I want to ask a question
  394. I
  395. please help me a program
  396. I have a simple question
  397. okay???
  398. Raptors convey within just 6 avid gamers at present for pre-draft training
  399. Ringer: 76ers GM Colangelo Utilised Substitute Twitter Accounts in the direction of T
  400. please help me a program
  401. How much?
  402. Need advise
  403. Need advise
  404. Anyone got an idea?
  405. What would be the best type of light system to buy?
  406. How to?
  407. What do you guys recommend for indoor grow lighting?
  408. What would be the best type of light system to buy?