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  1. Watering schedule for hydroponic tomatoes
  2. Hydroponic garden turning brown and starging to die
  3. grow rocks and porosity question...
  4. Miracle Grow for use in hydroponics?
  5. How often to water our hydroponics setup?
  6. head or iceberg lettuce in hydroponics
  7. developing leaf and stem curl
  8. prune tomatoe plants
  9. TDS meter or EC meter?
  10. growing lettuce
  11. drip system or a flood and drain
  12. how many waterings a day
  13. pea gravel for my tomatoes
  14. hydroponics with the recycling aspect
  15. organic grow solution
  16. hydroponics in hot desert climate
  17. theme for our contest this year is fruit
  18. Solo plastic cups
  19. Perlite in the grow cups
  20. grow large tomatoe plants
  21. 1" sdr26 pipe.
  22. meter that reads in micromho/cm
  23. bucket system
  24. watering for 24 hours a day
  25. watering 24 hours
  26. tomato have darker green top
  27. how often should solution be changed
  28. pump going continuously
  29. drain in a plastic tub
  30. high pH
  31. Are lights readily availble for 220 volt?
  32. hydroponics books
  33. gallons per hour pump for 11 plant garden
  34. lights
  35. pH levels
  36. nutrient rise in the cups
  37. tomatoes developed cracks
  38. holding up the tomato plants
  39. gallon containers for growing tomato's
  40. plants that normally get shade
  41. minature greenhouse
  42. spacing when growing tomato plants
  43. hydroponic gardens
  44. the average yeild in pounds
  45. best tomatoes to grow with hydroponics?
  46. Fiberglass insulation
  47. nutrient pumping cycle
  48. keep them alive
  49. How important is humidity
  50. ideas as to the best and least complicated
  51. is it necessary to use solo cups
  52. seedlings are growing at different rates
  53. solo cups would be a lot more practical
  54. What PH is best
  55. sump is getting algae
  56. grow cucumber and tomato
  57. How many grow rocks are needed to do the eleven bottle system
  58. what to use for minerals and nutrients
  59. Miracle-Gro for Tomatoes
  60. grown hydroponically
  61. branches do you trim off a tomato plant
  62. dimensions of the 11 plant garden?
  63. how do i level out the ph in water
  64. heating 2" pvc and bottle caps
  65. Cotton Plants were toast
  66. algae build up
  67. difficulty separating the rocks from the roots
  68. a good portable ph/EC meter
  69. Halogen's, 150 Watts, 3000 Lumens
  70. total of ten plants?
  71. color spectrums
  72. rain water
  73. How many times a day should I flood the system?
  74. asked about the cannabis plant
  75. flooding every 4 hours
  76. turning brown and gray
  77. How far apart should the bottles be spaced
  78. white fuzz around the top grow rocks
  79. I built your 16 plant garden
  80. Where do I obtain Perlite/Vermiculite
  81. street lights
  82. "nft" how do i anchor the plant
  83. 11 plant garden downloadable file
  84. yellowing leaves on plants
  85. how to hook up the pump
  86. kind of hydroponics system
  87. MH & HPS require a special ballast?
  88. final stages of plant growth
  89. ballast to a electricity supply
  90. how many on and off watering cycles
  91. went brown and died.
  92. any books or sources on hydroponics
  93. the same fertilizer and watering times?
  94. growing lettuce in hot weather
  95. I have a 1200GPH pump
  96. question, hydroponic nutrient solutions
  97. leaves are starting to turn brown
  98. hard, hard water
  99. how often change the nutrient solution
  100. started my flowering cycle
  101. value of a halogen light
  102. varieties of tomatoes in the 11 plant setup
  103. leaves have been turning gold
  104. How big of a growing room for the 11 plant system
  105. seeds in the 2 liter bottles
  106. cheaper medium
  107. i want to buy pvc thin wall
  108. How big of a reservoir for 11 plant
  109. cheap way to determine the PPM
  110. alternating the two types of light
  111. growing cactus hydroponicly
  112. exhaust out your sewer vent pipe?
  113. grow rocks float!
  114. tips for a successful batch
  115. Using pairlight
  116. type of rock
  117. ideas for a sun circle
  118. most inexpensive hydro tank to build
  119. germinate seeds in vermiculite
  120. grow asparagus with hydrponics
  121. completed my greenhouse
  122. order your fertilizers from?
  123. Gro-rox at a good price.
  124. nutrient solution have a limited life time
  125. exactly how it works.
  126. power consumption of a large garden.
  127. 100w metal halide be sufficient
  128. need to water my 2 plant coke bottle garden
  129. heat problems with metal halides
  130. adapt the bottle neck of a 2 liter bottle
  131. shadecloth over the greenhouse
  132. solution is evaporating quite quickly
  133. timer that has only 4 on and 4 off settings
  134. way to get some magnesium in a usable form to my plants?
  135. cypress knees cut from the swamp
  136. closer than 20" to the bulbs
  137. why a 30-gal "reservoir" costs 70$
  138. thinking of using hydro -organic
  139. can use a mercury vapor light
  140. home remedy to use to fight spider mites ?
  141. healthy sprouts have dwindled and died
  142. root ball of a deceased plant
  143. what you use for soil?
  144. matter if light gets to the roots?
  145. best way to pollinate the blossoms?
  146. 2 liter units is made with 1/2" pipe
  147. I turn the pump on the water rises
  148. Sorry I'm more engineer than chemist
  149. greenhouse swamp cooler
  150. cooling nutrient
  151. ppm growing range for plants
  152. a lot about Formula
  153. Should I cut the nutrient dose for transplanting?
  154. Where can i get formula one A&B?
  155. how many hours on and off
  156. about sun shading
  157. growing tomatoes inside
  158. What type of system for peppers?
  159. nft type of gardening
  160. concerning cool white bulbs
  161. using florescent lighting in the cutting/veg stages
  162. Can I use 1 in pvc
  163. Formula One nutrient
  164. valve controller
  165. germinating seeds in a paper towel
  166. end plants are close to the wall
  167. aeroponic system
  168. how do plants get the carbon necessary for them to grow?
  169. time a seed should geminate
  170. X-10 timers
  171. How often do I clean out the reservoir
  172. Is it legal to grow tobacco?
  173. wetting agent help in hydroponics
  174. For the Gurgling Bucket
  175. 3-liter bottle cap
  176. for those without access to thin wall PVC
  177. start a unit without electric?
  178. setup over a fish tank
  179. Run water in 11 pot set up?
  180. requirement for brewers yeast
  181. how often do i water
  182. a small propagation system
  183. tomato to float in water
  184. purge out the chemicals
  185. desperitly to begin culivation
  186. Grow Box Quiz
  187. anyone tried using petrified wood
  188. What kind of pump for my 11 plant?
  189. a nft system
  190. hydroponics Christmas tree
  191. lighting question.
  192. it could get pretty cold down there.
  193. tube in my co2,
  194. winter greenhouse.
  195. what should the dimensions of the reservoir be?
  196. help with heating it in the winter
  197. where the heck can I find 1" SDR-26 PVC?
  198. what is causing the yellowing of leaves?
  199. grow tomatoes in a continuous flow of solution?
  200. where can i get epson salts
  201. hydroponics more enviro friendly
  202. my plants have been getting root rot
  203. offering a complete kit
  204. do i need some shade cloth
  205. found a Phototron II
  206. Styrofoam instead of plastic cups
  207. how big a plant the 11 plant system
  208. does lettuce grow ok in Grow-Rocks?
  209. to make money growing
  210. pump aerates as well?
  211. a few babys in soil as an experiment
  212. should keep adding water to a reservoir to keep the water level
  213. general N-P-K fertilizers
  214. how many plants can i get in 6'x 4'x7'
  215. when your pvc is clogged with roots
  216. it is a very volatile material
  217. How do I keep my hydroponic tomatoes healthy
  218. dimensions of your 11 plants systems?
  219. if you had a gallon of nutrient solution
  220. difference using Grorox and lava rocks?
  221. software skills to make interactive
  222. I cant find SLD 26 PVC pipe
  223. nutrient mixture you use growing tomatoes
  224. can silicone sealant be toxic to plants?
  225. under ground hydro garden.
  226. 48" shop light fluorescent
  227. add the nutrient solution to the water?
  228. flowers are falling off
  229. gluing the plastic bottle cap to the thinwall?
  230. benefits and disadvantages of hydroponics
  231. to long ebb&flow periods
  232. still have to add magnesium and calcium.
  233. I am new to hydroponics.
  234. anything to worry about when using pvc tubes, pvc glue, and painting a bottle?
  235. At least I'm not a boob.
  236. 11 plant system handle tomatoes
  237. I started my plants in small rockwool cubes.
  238. tried growing in cupboard,
  239. Time for another project!
  240. my tomato plants are gone.
  241. Weed Block
  242. should I now change the nutrient to blooming phase
  243. store has the GE 24 hour Lamp
  244. 90 day harvesting rate for tomatoes
  245. release of chlorine gases in the nutrient solution.
  246. roots will grow right into the tubes
  247. a month and still no flowers,
  248. vermiculite just flows through the holes
  249. how often do you leave the pump on
  250. TDS reading be for Tomato Plants.
  251. system used in conjunction with a fish farm
  252. doesn't drain all the way
  253. plants have become long and spindly
  254. a question on timing
  255. suitable for the 11 plant garden?
  256. how far up a 6" inch rockwool cube should the solution go.
  257. How big should the sprouts be in rockwool starter cubes
  258. basic gravity system
  259. jiffy pellet to germinate my seeds
  260. about the timer
  261. brand of fertilizer called Suncor
  262. baking soda instead
  263. How long between waterings
  264. lower plants that are hitting the ceiling?
  265. transplant your germinated seeds
  266. light cycle for proper flowering.
  267. I do sell gardens once again.
  268. hydro places charge and it is a disgrace
  269. plants wilt and the roots turn brown
  270. is 2 liter bottle capable of growing 6 foot plants
  271. Which techniques use to recycle water
  272. grow in hydroponics solution?
  273. how do you know when to change the nutrients
  274. Are grow rocks and rockwool the same thing?
  275. same weight you might get with soil
  276. white powder/fuzz
  277. what do you put into the 2 liter containers to support the plants
  278. what gives hydroponics a greater advantage
  279. it every so often adequate?
  280. 3-way light, soil, water PH tester
  281. tree seedlings be grown under Fluorescent "gro-lights" for 3-5 days?
  282. Long-Stem Hybrid Romaine
  283. use of a multi-meter or ohmeter for measuring EC
  284. any reason why plants cant grow to maturity in the aeroponic garden
  285. just lerning 2 pek.need info on nutri-sol.
  286. which is better for indoor growing hid or hps?
  287. why do you think some growers suggest a general ph of 6.0
  288. a ridiculously small container
  289. What nutrients for the flowering phase?
  290. nutrient solution have to be specifically for hydro
  291. what is the best, reliable PH and PPm meters?
  292. fish in my hydroponics system
  293. grow rocks on the net
  294. grow light, how high above my plants
  295. is it possible to have a room in a room
  296. how many times daily do have to water
  297. overall dimensions of the 11 plant garden?
  298. find a ph meter for hydro solution
  299. prepare for the 11 plant garden
  300. lettuces and tomatoes in the same trough
  301. where can you buy co2
  302. Can I leave the drip system on 24/7 ?
  303. good brand of nutrients for dwarf banana plant
  304. does it hurt to flood during the night?
  305. if you top the plant will it change sex?
  306. Plants didn't get water for two days
  307. Does soft water have negative effects on plants
  308. How much fluorescent lighting would I need?
  309. what gph is the best to use?
  310. hydroponics be used
  311. own 2 plant system based off of the 11 plant system
  312. exactly you ment by Growing medium?
  313. water supply for hardness?
  314. remove plants that are root bound from an NFT
  315. the fill and drain method
  316. Miracle-gro as hydro solution
  317. ppm control
  318. anyone create their own hydroponic nutrient solution
  319. powdery mildew!!!
  320. What do you think about air pumps
  321. nutrient oops, is it a problem?
  322. Stuck in China with no hydroponic nutrient
  323. Over fertilization?
  324. Coco chips
  325. Magnesium Phosphate
  326. General Hydroponics or Liquid Earth nutrients
  327. Grow or Bloom
  328. How long should nutrient last
  329. Expanded Shale
  330. Has anyone tried the SuperFile?
  331. Iron and availability.
  332. Raising PPM
  333. strawberries
  334. Cleaning grow rocks
  335. How do you top off your nutrients?
  336. hydrogen peroxide
  337. Squash
  338. Nutrient Lock-out???!
  339. Any input on this hydroponic solution?
  340. David's Grow
  341. Coconut Coir
  342. compost tea
  343. PH
  344. Organic Solution
  345. Stores that ship nutrients worldwide?
  346. Fertilizer
  347. anyone have a hydroponic recipe?
  348. Am I using too much nitrogen?
  349. Hydrogen Peroxide?
  350. Nutrient temp?
  351. Brainstorming: Corn formula and best growing setup
  352. Lettuce
  353. help!
  354. Germanation Rate
  355. Any thoughts on using UV lights as a form of disease control?
  356. hesi nutrients ? good choice ?
  357. What is my deficency?
  358. Germinating plants on a sponge
  359. strawberries
  360. coloring the water
  361. advanced vs House and Garden
  362. Help with FutureGarden nutrients
  363. average rate of nutrient uptake
  364. Pine Shavings
  365. Tomatoes and potassium (nitrate and sulfate)
  366. Any thoughts on pH problem?
  367. growing medium
  368. Where to buy chemicals?
  369. How to calculate chemicals/nutrients?
  370. River rocks
  371. rockwool grodan
  372. help to figure out ppm
  373. FLORAMATO DRY question
  374. Roots Organics Buddha Grow
  375. Guano
  376. Cheap Medium for seed starting
  377. Solution changing formula
  378. Rice Hulls
  379. What tank?
  380. Looking for Nutri-Sol
  381. pH buffered
  382. Ionic nutrients help!
  383. wood charcoal as medium...
  384. Calibrating EC/ppm meter
  385. Beginner need lots of help
  386. I have a problem in the cultivation of cucumber
  387. Turface
  388. "Hyperventilating"
  389. Hydro-specific Nutrients
  390. Growing sponge
  391. EC or PPM Meter
  392. WholeTree Medium
  393. ph problems, filmy water, green mold
  394. Probotics
  395. Probotic
  396. Local Nutrients?
  397. PH Up/Down initial amounts?
  398. What could be the cause of BER considering the cercumstances listed below
  399. What nutrients to buy?
  400. Alternative nutrients?micronutrients alternative?
  401. help nutrient recipe for tomatoes?
  402. nematodes
  403. Low PH
  404. Tomato brown spot's
  405. epsom salt?
  406. Starting seeds in coir
  407. Manually adjusting for temperature
  408. What nutrients should I get?
  409. Polymer crystals
  410. Newbie nutrient question
  411. How much nutrients needed per plant
  412. Nutrients for 3rd world countries
  413. Rubber mulch
  414. Reservoir change?
  415. Replacing Floramato
  416. Naval Jelly PH Down
  417. Beneficial microbes, water quality, and pathogens
  418. anyone having problems with GH MaxiBloom?
  419. Maxigro PH
  420. PH Down ??
  421. update on maxibloom
  422. FloraMato Dry possible buy -
  423. Cocos A & B - Help needed
  424. GPS Did You See This? Polyurethane Foam For Seeds?
  425. Most Cost Effective Nutrient Solution Method (In Your Opinion)?
  426. Real Plant Water?
  427. Hydro Lettuce
  428. Questions on Nutrients for fruits/vegetables
  429. Confused Rookie (cF, EC, ppm)?
  430. Question on Hard Water
  431. Make your own nutrient solution, Your experience, here is mine
  432. Hydroponics in Sweden
  433. Has anyone tried Growstone?
  434. per lite
  435. Brown slime in my nutrient
  436. Trying to grow too many things together???
  437. Tomato leaves curling/folding
  438. Worm Casting Teas
  439. Hydroponic Solutions
  440. Exact equivalent GH Bloom DIY
  441. Growing Lettuce on Raised Beds
  442. Maxigro & Bloom mixture for Bell pepper plants
  443. What's up with my (bell) pepper plant growth?
  444. chinese cabbage
  445. Organic Hydroponic Endeavour
  446. nuts to soon?(aero)
  447. Jacks or other?
  448. pesticides and fungicides
  449. Nutrient solution change during plant grow phase
  450. topwater feeding with DWC when starting?
  451. High PH
  452. What wrong with my leaves?
  453. precipitation problem
  454. Nutrient Recipe for Strawberries?
  455. Flood an Drain Shedule for Beans
  456. organic hydro nutrients?
  457. Hydroponic Lettuce Fertilizer 24-15-36
  458. Can I use the same nutrients for lettuce and strawberrys?
  459. Non-Circulating (Kratky) Hydro Nutrients?
  460. Basic Nutrient Strength Question
  461. Rapid Rooters and PH
  462. question about transplanting into hydroponic system
  463. Long Nute Change Interval Question
  464. Closed system nutrient replenishing
  465. Growth Problem
  466. Verti-Gro 12% off from now till 11/30
  467. watering time
  468. Odd readings
  469. Cucumber help
  470. New to Hydroponics
  471. Which grow medium to be used in NFT Hydroponics?
  472. Potasium Nitrate
  473. Can maincrop potatoes grow in soil-less environment?
  474. Aquaponic system ph level and nutrients
  475. Solution recipe for radishes
  476. cucumbers shriveling...
  477. asics gel lyte iii
  478. cheap new balance 998
  479. asics gel lyte iii
  480. Use for Aloe Vera as a nutrient or a PH down?
  481. Drip Vs DWC
  482. Cucumber nutrient
  483. How to use 12% FeEDTA for Hougland solution ?
  484. Adidas schuhe sind mit eingearbeiteten features ausgestattet
  485. Smallest cubes
  486. cucumber leaf problems
  487. Kratky Method Nutrient Issue
  488. Basil leaves turning brown Kratky
  489. Mother plants turning brown at the root
  490. help me
  491. Conversion from Grams per Meter Square to Grams per Liter
  492. I want to ask a question
  493. I want to ask a question
  494. please help me a program
  495. help me
  496. Need for help
  497. Need for help
  498. Complete Low Cost Fertilizer: Bokashi?
  499. I have a question
  500. I have a stupid question
  501. Somebody help me
  502. I have a question
  503. i need advise
  504. How to?
  505. puma shoes[
  506. I have a simple question
  507. Monday Musings: The Inevitability of the NBA
  508. I have a question
  509. Need for help
  510. I have a question
  511. Suggestion for nutrients
  512. need help?
  513. I have a simple question
  514. need help, thank you
  515. cant find this info anywhere
  516. Sell MUT 19 coins online at MMOAH
  517. ASU WBB: No. 12 Oregon Place outscores ASU 4228 inside the instant 50 % toward attain
  518. Nutrient tending
  519. Fitness Means You Can Do Something Many People Can't