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HydroExplorer 04-17-2014 02:21 PM

Results growing under TruLite LED growlight
First I want to say that this is my second year doing hydroponics so I'm definitely not an expert. I grew under a 400W flourescent growlight last year and now under TruLite LED 225W.

I had moderate but somewhat unimpressive success under the flourescent grow light.

The grow light is designed for a 3x3 grow area and after using it I'd say that's about what it does. I'm growing 3 Abe Lincoln tomato plants under it but really only one of them is actually under it. I'm just keeping the others alive till I can move them outside.

My plants are growing short and stalky with LOTS of blooms. I am getting fruit sites that neighbor other fruit sites but the plant is only about 10" tall. It has > 40 open flowers currently and I am having some nutrient problems. I think I started my seeds in cloning plugs in December but it might have been January. This plant just isn't getting any taller.

I'm going to do a water change this weekend and hopefully get my nutrient problems under control. I might be having a lockout issue involving my source water and my nutrients. I'm switching to distilled water and probably adding a Ca Mg supplement (the deficiency most prevalent).

I see no reason why you can't grow a sizeable crop with this grow light. My stuff is just starting to polllenate so I don't know how that's going to go. I'll figure something out assuming the plant doesn't drop all its buds.

I forgot to mention. This grow light doesn't have a veg mode and a fruit mode. It just sends the same spectrum all the time. that said, it works. I'm not even doing this right and it is working lol

Here is a picture from a few days ago (plant isn't any taller but 2 more fruit sites)

HydroExplorer 04-19-2014 09:13 AM

Quick update

I did a water change on Thursday after work (pic from Saturday morning).

I had a lot of distractions when I was doing my last water change and I am almost certain that I didn't mix my nutrients right last time. This plant is bouncing back way too fast for it to have had enough nutrients.

I don't have a TDS meter or any of that other fancy stuff. I just do water changes to keep my nutrients in check.

Anyway, this grow light works. It's the only LED light I've used so I don't know how it compares to others. I've been making a number of mistakes and my plant is still happy. I'm pretty new to Hydroponics and I have a lot to learn.


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