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With bare root strawberries you have 2 ways of planting them.

1. Plant them directly into perlite in the 5 gallon buckets 4 bare root per bucket.

2. With aeroponic rail put the bare root directly into net pots. You'll need a small tool with hook so you can pull some of the roots from the bare root through the net pots then cover up the rest with hydroton.

Don't put them in neoprene collar they will die.

Here's pic of 1 of the strawberry plants in my rail system from years back.

When I would get some runners I would put a small dirt pot on top of the rail in between the plants and stick the runner into the dirt. Within 2 weeks they start to grow roots then I cut the runner off from the plant keep for 1 year then transplant to hydro.

As for it being a bad practice in hydroponics circles? These are probably what I call hydroponic purists. I tell them hydroponics wasn't around 100 years ago so no matter what they are currently growing will have genetics from soil grown plants.

Hydroponics purists are just like fly fishing purist. FF purist believe you are not FF if you tie flies with synthetic material. I tell the FF purist if you can cast it with a fly rods fly line and catch fish with it it's a fly!!!
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