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Default ho'ing

Overdrive the heck out of them. use 8ft ballasts in the place of a 4 ft and you have ho. No secrets here. The best part is your use a f32 bulb and buy them for $1 each in the bulk pack at the big box store. then every 3 months you change them out tell the box is empty of new ones and return the olds one fro a exhnage of new ones. I have never had aissue at the box store returning them and getting another new box. its says there good for 10000 hours or so and i take them back when the lumens fall off a smidge at 3 months or so. this way i get new bulbs at no cost all the time and the guy that gets them next gets tested and run in bulbs. over driving a t32 at $1 cant be beat. t5ho is a waist of money. i would like to get a t12ho ballast and over drive a t32 that would be 96 watts or so i think cant remember. beats the t5ho at 54 or so.
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