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I should put in the numbers to calculate the usage and costs. i think i just did not want to know. actaully i use the grow room in the winter as my house furnace. it keeps the house at about 70 to 75f and uses a little less power over all than the electric furnace. So technically its free so i had not been all that worried about it. i'm running about 140 bulbs i think may be acouple more than that. the amp draw is about 25 amps for the lights i have meter in the room its been a while since i set it up and was testing the system. everything else is pretty small load. i think have like 3300 watts of light over 27 hydro containers.

Ive een screwing off growing flowers and stuff that i cant eat but the goal is to go into next fall with 60 differnt fruits vegetables and supply my food for the winter my self.

I just got permission from local all mighty to have a whopping huge flock of 4 hens and no cocks. so i'll probbaly start out with chicken layers and then fudge the rules a bit and add in some fryers and do a 8 week cycle on them. i'm going to growtronix them and trick them into 18 hour sunny days with climate control i already picked on a dehumidifier and window shaker for the climate control and have auto feeders to control food dosing. i fonud a bird that is like a turkey in 8 weeks and after that cant walk becuse he bulks up on meat so much. just perfect for the freezer and about the same cycle as my fruits and vegetables.

I also just got a hot tub and put it out on the porch for growing some fish. I think its 200 gallons or more. so i'm hoping to add that to the diet as well.

just need more money and day light and will be up and running in know time.
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