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I should put in the numbers to calculate the usage and costs. i think i just did not want to know.
I am not sure what meter you have for doing that, but I was thinking of using a P3 "Kill A Watt"meter myself. They run about $30 and can tell you exactly to the penny how much it is costing you for any 110 electrical device. There is also other models like "Kill A Watt" PS that is like a power strip and can check multiple plugs at one time. But all you would need to do is plug on light into the meter then multiply it by how many you have. I want one of these to check household lights and the refrigerator, you can get these at most home improvement stores.
I also just got a hot tub and put it out on the porch for growing some fish.
I like this idea. If I tried it, I would probably build a water pond in the backyard complete with a waterfall. Then get the fishing pole out to catch my dinner.
just need more money and day light and will be up and running in know time.
I hear that...
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