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Hello Massi_WF,

Italy.. I find it fascination how the internet makes it possible to communicate with people from all around the world instantly. It wasn't all that long ago that it took weeks or longer for letter to reach it's destination just 100 or so miles away, and now it just takes seconds to get there anywhere in the world thanks the the internet. It wasn't all that much of a stretch to tell you were in Europe somewhere. The link to the nutrients you provided had a price that was in euros.

Unfortunately I still can't tell much from the two images. I may need glasses, but their both to small for me to be able to read. I tried blowing them up to normal size, but then they were to blurry for me to read as well. I did try looking for the manufacture with the same logo in the image and I think I found them: However I wasn't able to find the same product in your original link. I couldn't find one that was listed as A and B, nor did I see one that looked like the same images on the bottle. So I'm not sure if it's actually the right website, or which one your using if it is.

Can you provide a link from the manufactures website to the exact product your using so I can be sure I'm looking at and researching the right one? Manufactures also often have a link from the product to the feed chart for that product that I'm looking for.

-pH meter
That's fine, as long as we can eliminate the possibility of electronic malfunctions/false readings, and the pH is between 5.5 and 6.5, your pH level is fine.

-led light
OK, That's a design I have never seen before, but I'm in the US and your in Italy. I don't think 40 watts is very much at all, and this could still be a problem. I'm not familiar with growing wheat hydroponically, and have never seen anyone doing it, so I'll have to research it a little first. However wheat is a grass crop, and I think most grass crops are low light requirement plants. Considering the size of the plants, the 40 watts of LED may be enough, at least for now. But at this point I'm still not sure if 40 watts of LED lighting is enough until I do some research.

2) yeah it smell a little like dirty socks but not so much
This has me a bit concerned, because unless their organic nutrients (and I don't think what your using is), and/or adding beneficial microbes to the nutrient solution, their shouldn't be much of a smell. A musty and moldy smell in the nutrient solution can mean there are unwanted fungi, bacteria and pathogens growing in it and/or on the roots and growing media. However the water will also usually be clowdy as well, and in sevier cases a visible foam forms on top of the water. Since these pathogens and fungi attack the roots, a sure way to tell there are pathogens in the water is if the roots are brown and smiley, typically referred to as root rot.

(NOTE) I didn't ask you what the water temperature was because it looks like you have these plants growing in the house, and the water temp is likely near room temp, so I'm guessing it's below 78 degrees F (26 C). Temperatures near and higher than 80 begin to cause heat stress, as well as provide the optimum conditions for pathogens to thrive.

As I said before I'm not familiar with growing wheat, nor do I know of anyone growing it hydroponically. About all I know about wheat is it's a tall grass that the seeds (grain) is used to make flower. But you mentioned the issue your seeing is at the tips of the leaves. If I'm not mistaken browning/dying leave/blade tips are common and normal with grasses. So I'm still not sure if there really is a problem right now. But regardless, no mater what your growing if you feel there might be a problem, the way to fix it is by identifying possible sources of a problem, and fixing those issues first. The three main possible issues I'm looking for are nutrient feeding issues (this includes from the water supply), pathogens, and lighting.
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