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That's not bad, it would take 5 lbs to make 500 gallons. At $7 a pound that's $35 +shipping to make 500 gallons. That's pretty close to the Verti-Gro nutrients I've been using. I can make 500 gallons of nutrient solution for $40 (shipping included) from the Verti-Gro nutes. But you get a much better deal if you buy the 25 lb quantity's. 25 lb's makes 5000 gallons. You need to mix them equally, fertilizer and calcium nitrate, but 25 lb's of both including shipping costs just under $130 total.

Or in other words, Quickgrow nutes

(1 lb package x5= $35) $35 divided by 500= 7 cents per gallon (+shipping)
(10 lb package) $49 divided by 1000= 5 cents per gallon (+shipping)

Verti-gro nuts
(FCombo special) $40 divided by 500= 8 cents per gallon (shipping included)
(25 lb) $130 divided by 5000= 2.6 cents per gallon (shipping included)

They are quite similar in pricing, as well as the way their packaged. I like the way the verti-grow nutes work, but it's always nice to see another option, and I may give the quickgrow a try to see how well they work.

Can you start a thread with pics of your grows (in the
"Your Hydroponics Setup" section) imperialgardner? We all love to see other peoples setups, as well as to watch the progress of their plants.
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