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Yea, I'd like to do that. Just got a little cheapo digital camera a few days back, soon as I can figure it out I probably will start a thread. I can use some help. I have 6 celebrity tomatoes in my version of the aeroflo outside, just dropped them in the system this past Tuesday. We got some pretty high temps here in N.C. and my res is running in the mid to high 80's if not a little hotter at times. Im running a sterile reservoir so Im keeping my fingers crossed that as long as I can keep about 200 ml of 3% H2o2 dumped in every day It will be ok. Its one thing after another it seems, not to sound discouraging but my last 2 tries ended with TMV. Broke the entire system apart, end caps and all (Really should do that after every run me thinks now) and found some silicone in the top of one of the end caps that was black with filth that my cleaning attempts didnt reach, so I scrubbed her down and soaked it in a 20% bleach solution for a couple days. Hopefully that fixed me problem. Should have done that the first time but I tried to shortcut it....dont try to shortcut TMV. That crap is resilient as hell, hopefully an episode that wont repeat itself anytime soon.
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