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I wasn't planing on making any drawings but it always helps me to picture things before I build them, and I had some time today. So as I mentioned I needed to change my original sub "T" system layout from the planed 3 levels of tubing. I will still have the same number of 4 inch tubes (24), but instead of stacking them in 3 layers of 8, they will be placed vertically side by side in rows (like a flower pedal pattern).

This is mainly because it was the only way to lay them out in the space I have to work with, and keep each section of tubing the same length, and without overlapping, and while keeping a relativity good spacing. In the drawing the tubes look like they overlap, but that's just a flaw in my drawing. In actuality the holes in the 55 gallon drum the 4 inch tubing will go through will be staggered in a pattern so they are separated and aren't touching.

There are 2 sections (chambers) in the 55 gallon drum. The upper chamber is the cool air return. The 6 inch tubing going out the top of the 55 gallon drum is the warm air inlet (with the 6 inch inline duct fan installed), it extends down to the bottom chamber (warm air chamber). The section of 6 inch tubing that goes through the cool air chamber will be insulated to keep it from radiating heat to the cool air. From the bottom chamber, the warm air will begin it's journey through the 4 inch tubing to cool down. It flows through the tubes up to the upper cool air chamber, and exits the system through a directional slat/opening in the 55 gallon drum into the greenhouse.

The bottom of the 55 gallon drum will be open, and sitting on sand and crushed rock media. That will allow any moisture from this section of the system to simply drain down into the soil (like with the perforated tubing).
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