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Default Touching base - hows experiment going?

Hey Stan, Hope all’s well and everyone’s healthy! Just touching base to see how the “experiment” is going with full aeroponics in buckets. It’s something I’d consider changing over to, eliminating perlite. I’m in a “pause” right now, took down all the tomato plants. They just weren’t producing. I think the heat and humidity was just too much. After the tomato plants (from the seeds you sent me), I should’ve switched to heat tolerant tomatoes, like the Florida-91 or Heatmaster variety. Though they don’t get very large – from 7 to 10 oz., they would hopefully at least produce more. The other BIG issue I had was stink bugs – they ruined most of the tomatoes. My neighbor and I are trying a dawn dish soap & water mix his farmer friends in Jamaica say works, but we didn’t start using that until it was really to late, so we’ll see. Neems oil didn’t seem to affect them, also, there’s a treatment called Spinosad® that I may try. Anyway, I did harvest plenty of suckers for the next crop (see the cloner pic). The Cherry & Teardrop clones are growing super-fast, the two varieties of Beefsteak seem to be slower, but roots are developing. I’ll be starting more seeds for the rail system soon – I just have to carefully select what I’ll grow and their placement in the rails. Things grew so big that the plants were overtaking each other. So…. Update me on the aeroponic/Dutch bucket experiment and stay well.
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