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Hi all is well here, thank you!!

The seeds I sent you for the big heirloom and chocolate cherries probably should be used during your winter grow. This year we had the hottest year ever with consecutive 90+ degree temperatures and my plants suffered from it. I had plenty of tomatoes until the extreme heat which shut off the plants from producing tomatoes and the tops of the plants were burnt. Second year in a row that has happened to me due to extreme heat. Never happened before that and I've been growing for years. I might be asking you for some of your seeds for next year.

The aeroponic system worked real good as the plants grew faster. Once the roots reach the bottom of the bucket I used less and less running time. I will be doing some changes for next year but will stay with aeroponics. I will say you do have to keep an eye on the aeroponics more than you do growing the other way. If water shuts off or something gets disconnected for a couple hours your plants will suffer.

When we got hit with Tropical Storm Isaias we were only supposed to get 60mph winds we ended up getting 80+mph for a couple hours which ended my grow. I clipped all my plants down to 1 foot above the buckets. The heat continued so the plants did not respond well until the temps went down to low 80's and 70's. I added 2 pictures taken today of 2 plants 1 chocolate cherry 2 Cherokee Purple that are forming tomatoes. I should be able to get some ripe tomatoes before the winter. I also have tomatoes forming on the Big Heirloom but they take 90 days to finish. I might cover the outside of the tomato cages with clear plastic to turn it into a hothouse for as long as I can.

BH pictures = Big Heirloom
CC pictures = Chocolate Cherry
CP pictures = Cherokee Purple
YC pictures = Yellow Cherry
NP1 picture = Chocolate Cherry taken today
NP2 picture = Cherokee Purple taken today
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