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Default Winter “crop” started

Hey Stan, hope this post finds you doing well, I see it’s getting a little chilly out there so I doubt you’ve got much growing. I shut both Dutch buckets and rail systems down September 9th., tomatoes had quit producing and most of the rail plants died out. It was a very hot September and October pretty much the same. I “attempted” starting seeds about mid-September, and has been the case in previous seed starts, I could not get seeds to germinate. I assumed it was the age of the seeds and ordered fresh. I still had a very low yield, i.e. ~ 6 out of 15 rockwool cubes germinated. I use the humidity dome, heating pad (though probably not necessary), placed in indirect sunlight outside on Lanai and so on, but little luck. Anyway, in the Dutch buckets I stayed with perlite (I was able to re-coup/re-use about 80%). This time I’m doing only 3 tomato plants (see pics) – a cherry, a Big Boy and a Supersteak. The other 2 buckets will be green bell peppers and Brussel sprouts (waiting for seeds). On the rail system, I have 4 Bok-Choy plants going, but they’re not doing great – I think it’s still to hot. Not sure what to plant in the 20+ remaining “slots”. Maybe strawberries??? Lastly, I’ll be ordering nutrients from Verti-Gro (ran out this summer) and I’m using Miracle grow for now while they’re small. So – any suggestions / “sure fire” tips on getting higher yields on starting seeds in rockwool cubes? Thanks again for all your help.
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