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Don't start strawberries from seeds you will not get any strawberries the first year. You need to buy Strawberry bare root. Get everbearing they will produce all year but during your summer months you would have to move your rails indoors the heat will stop them from producing more until it cools. If you move them indoors you will continue to get more.

When growing from bare root grown strawberries eventually you will see a lot of runners take them without cutting them off and put them in a small dirt pot so they will form roots. Transplant into a bigger dirt pot. When they reach 1 year old you can grow them in the rail. Strawberry plants only last approx 5 years so these runners will constantly supply you with new plants.

If you want to grow from seeds you get them from the strawberries you eat. Follow these directions to see how you extract and trick the seeds into into germinating faster than they would.

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