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Default me too with the leds

I just set up a 6 hole bubbling 3 gallon hydro system (simple...plants in grow cubes and volcanic clay stones in baskets dangling 1" into water with an air-stone and air pump.)
While I have a good background with hydroponics under 1,000 watt hid lights and hydrofarm units (several years ago) I have never tried leds, so I bought several 15x15 red and blue panels and just mounted one hanging over this simple hydro bubbling system. I am going to try and start with some simply flowers (carnations, etc) and a tomato plant all from seed to see how it works.
I am excited about the reduced power bill and low heat that led claims, and willl let you know how it soon as the seeds germinate, I will take some photos and chart their growth here.
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