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Default The before pictures

Even though I wont have the access to the money for a few weeks, I can still get some things going. These are the before pictures of the spot where my greenhouse will be located. My first task is to get rid of that dirt mound, then I can begin marking out the area where the greenhouse, and in-ground nutrient reservoirs will located. Also once the dirt mound is out of the way, I can call the city and have them mark where the phone lines run underground. I have a good idea of exactly where it is, and it will probably run right down the middle of the dirt area. Going from the utility pole, to the box on the wall just underneath the breaker box on the house.

Unfortunately it will be right in the middle of the space I need for the subterranean heating and cooling system. But I got some good news yesterday, when my neighbor mentioned they usually place them 6 feet deep. That would be great, because I will only be going down 4 feet deep for the subterranean heating and cooling system. So if that's true, it wont be in my way at all. If not, then I will need to run the in-ground cooling tubs to the left and right sides of the phone line instead.

I took complete measurements of the yard today so I can make some scale mock up drawings on paper of the subterranean system tubing layout. Once I know exactly where the phone line is, as well as how deep it is. Then have the subterranean system drawn out, the next steep is to calculate the amount of gravel I will want for back fill, and have it delivered. The gravel is to aid in drainage of the water that will be from the subterranean system (because our soil is compact). Then I will need to rent a backhoe to dig the trenches for the tubing and vertical stacks, drop them in and back fill it. I also have a electrician coming this week to give me an estimate on installing 2 breakers in the breaker box that will supply power for everything. He's a friend I often hang out and watch Monday night football with, so I know he will give me a good price. Besides I would rather give the work to a friend I know could use the money.

Not fun work when it's 110 degrees out, and it will probably be that way until October.

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