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Ya, you could have a green lawn, but you would be the only one on the block. They take a lot of preparation, but most importantly they use way too much water. The only places with grass around here are the golf course's.

I wasn't planing to do these drawings on the computer, but it wasn't too hard. Especially since I used a Google sketchup to make the grid that I printed out so I can make the hand made drawings to scale. Each square represents one square foot. Just in case you may be wondering why I left so much space behind the greenhouse (between the greenhouse and retaining wall), that's because city code requires the structure to be 10 feet from the property line. The retaining wall is 3 feet from the property line, so there are 7 boxes (feet) between the retaining wall and the greenhouse structure.

The first image shows the basic layout, "excluding" the placement of the in-ground reservoirs. That's because I'm still deciding on the best placement for them. The second image shows the same layout, but also includes the placement of the "vertical" air tubes for both of the separate Subterranean heating and cooling systems. As well as one layer of the array of in ground cooling tubes. There will be 3 layers of cooling tubes. First one 4 feet deep, second one 3 feet deep, third one 2 feet deep. The black line straight through the greenhouse is where I believe the underground phone line is located, but I'll definitely have it marked before I begin digging (I plan on calling them tomorrow to come out and mark it). I just finished leveling out the area today.
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