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Those looks like some great plans. Are you going to have a real foundation or a wooden framing sitting on the ground? if not a more difficult to move foundation most places don't count it as a structure for the property line purpose.. I know in texas I had a shed 16x12 only 3ft from the line because it was just a wooded frame and no concrete, and by their rules not a perminant structure, because I could move it with a couple jacks if I needed to. That is just a thought...

Also I would be interested in seeing what a temperature probe would tell you at 2ft.. You might have heavier warming at the shallow depth depending on the soil properties. My mother's land would handle that having a clay bed 1ft from the surface and a stream 10ft under (the soil stays cold in 110 degrees only 6 inches down) It might be a good thing to test and would be worth it to avoid future troubles.. The sandier and rockier soils might be prone to more surface heating than dirtier soils. I might be wrong, but it wouldnt hurt to see what the temps are like with just the heat from the sun on the surface.
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