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Well I got my three nutrient reservoir today. It took 6 hours from start to finish (long story), but my final cost for the 3 reservoirs was only $300 total. Also while I was there I asked if they had 55 gallon drums too, and sure enough they did. They had something like 300 of them. And I almost fell over when they told me how much they were, only $7 each. I got the 2 I need, then figured I would get 4 more for my mom to use as rain barrels instead of the 32 gallons trash cans she's using right now. Also Home Depot is delivering the materials I ordered tomorrow (Wednesday), then Arizona decorative rock is delivering the mortar sand (for good drainage) I ordered on Thursday. While I wait for the deliveries I'll be preparing the tanks and barrels for use. Of coarse it chose to rain today and has been raining all day, but should clear up by tomorrow and be clear through the weekend.

That's me in the picture. I typically prefer not to be in the pictures unless I need to be, but my mom really wanted me to pose with the stuff.
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