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I have grown tomato plants, peppers and strawberries using the rail system pics posted here.

The plants would get to a certain height and then would stop growing due to the rail being filled with roots. Thats why I had switched to dutch buckets and stayed with it for a while. Even though I got excellent amount of tomatoes using dutch bucket I felt aeroponic could possibly almost double the amount and thats the reason why I am taking a big risk doing it this way. Today I had to change the way each bucket drains as it was getting clogged with some of the hydroton on the bottom of each bucket.

The net pots will hold no matter how big the plants get the lids are very solid not flimsy. The tomato cages I have had them the past couple years they are super strong and will be screwed into the wood planks so they won't move.

I have the lids just sitting on top of the 5 gallon buckets so I can check to see if any sprayers are getting clogged. The loose lids are also so I can check the roots and move them away from the drains so they don't grow into them.

So far the plants have shot up and the roots system is getting pretty big. I have plucked off a ton of suckers from all the plants. I took 1 of the suckers today from the big heirloom plant and put it inside a rockwool cube and surrounded with hydroton placed it in the very last bucket at the end of the line. I put a small wire cage around and placed a cover on top so the plant does not get hit with direct sunlight until I see roots growing out the sides of the net pot.

Posted below 3 pics the first is from May 28th same date as the prior pics I posted. The pics will look down the line of plants from above. The other 2 pics were taken today. You can easily see the difference in the height of the plants and the root system inside the buckets after only 13 days.
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