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Here is an update. I believe I have set these plants back a bit because I did not have any support for them. I noosed them with string and they seem to be growing and thriving again.

I had too many plants for the light I had hooked up. The LEDS were too close and left just a spotlight of light. The new light shown here is three times as wide with the LEDs set wider apart to create a bigger footprint of light. 20 Cree XTE LEDs are wired in serial here. This setup has 6 cool white, 6 warm white, and 8 nuetral white XTE/XPGs being run off a single 100 watt driver. This time they are being driven twice as high at 1400 mA for a brighter light. The lights cover the entire light spectrum and hit all the important wavelengths. The tomatoe flowers are blooming but I have not pollinated them yet. Not sure the point of smurfs comments as it is already blooming.

I am finding what others have commented on however. The effective throw of the LEDs seems to be about 18-20 inches. I am getting a lovely dense canopy within 18 inches, but more sparse foliage below that. I am thinking about building a reflector shield with more leds built in to the sides to throw light into those lower areas.
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