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Default Set-up, power, and HELP!!!

Hello everyone. I have been reading about hydroponics for a while now. It is time to move forward for me. I need some assistance. Read below for problem:

I am a resident manager. I have an available storage room that is 8x12x8. In the room is a light bulb but no outlet. Its controlled by a switch. I am willing to pay an electrician (friend) and run a new outlet. I am not going to utilize the entire room. I want to start off with tomatoes. How much power do I need? Do I need to get one of those big ballasts for lights? What type of lights is suggested?

It stays about 76 degrees for the most part. This is a sliding window.

Cost of electricity: About how much did your electric bill increase from one month to the next?

Type of system: I was thinking of the dwc system. Looking at something simple so that I could learn and then get better.

Lots of questions. Thank you in advance. I appreciate it. I want to be successful.

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