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Default new grower - rising ph

I'm new to Hydroponics and I've succesfully built an outdoor hydroponic system (tubings) to grow some lettuce.

I've stable EC of 1.2 (800ppm circa), quite stable temperatures in a range between 19C and 24C, but I can't stabilize PH. I'm taking it down to 5.5 but overnight it comes back to 7.6 (tap water PH)

Plants look healthy but a little slow growing, and I'm sure the reason is high PH so basically plants can't get Ca, P, Mn, Cu, Fe, and Zn.

I've tried to add some acids like malic acid, acetic acid, citric acid, but with no success. As I said, I was getting the required PH level, but overnight it comes back as my tap water.

Plus: I've cleaned my system already, I've cleaned my reservoir, I've done everything I could but with no results at all.

Any suggestion?

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