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Household Hydroponics Systems

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Old 09-14-2016, 03:32 PM
shillamus shillamus is offline
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Default Household Hydroponics Systems

Well I have had much success yet but I have caught the hydroponics bug on an 20 ' 4 in pipe outdoor ebb and flow system I built.

It would be nice to have a small indoor hydroponic grow for fresh herbs and mother plants to make clones for spring planting.

I have a southern facing double window in the main living area. With a baseboard heater under it that does not get used often. I want to span a bed across the window maybe 6" deep and 6 " wide.. Maybe a peice of 6 inch pipe painted to look nicely. I would have a similar container underneath for a reservoir and use a loop siphon to make ebb and flow.

I thought this design looked really cool... saw it on this website. I could have some cups.

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