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Sailwater growing

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Old 12-28-2018, 04:05 AM
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Default Sailwater growing

Some useful tips you should know when playing Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes is a famous strategy role-playing game developed by Nintendo. In this game, you will play the special one who can gather heroes from the Fire Emblem world to protect the Kingdom of Askr from destruction. Fire Emblem Heroes is a turn-based fighting game in which the player will not be able to win if only using skills at random. It is very important to understand the attributes of each hero, their strength as well as their weapons to use and control them appropriately.

In fact, Fire Emblem Heroes is not a hard game, but it is a bit confusing to understand and navigate, especially if you have never played any of the similar games. So, to make it easier for you to get used to this game and improve your chances of winning, we have listed some tips and tricks that you need to know before playing this game. Keep reading!

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Connect with your My Nintendo account

At the start, you will be asked whether you would like to connect with your My Nintendo account or not. Of course, you should choose “yes”. Once you link your ‘My Nintendo’ account, you will get ten free orbs - which may be a bit challenging to accrue when you come to explore.

In case you look at the number of your orbs and do not know where they are, you have to take one more step. First, click on the “Home” button to come back to the main screen of the game and then, touch the fountain in the lower right corner. Here, you can see not only your current tasks and quests but also your My Nintendo points - which can be used to buy items in the game. All you need to do now is click the glowing icon to the right of the Quests & Missions section and pick up any reward you want to receive. When you are here, you also do not forget to click on the Missions section to collect coins.

You should only summon if you have 20 orbs

Like a gacha game, Fire Emblem Heroes works as a coin-operated machine which dispenses small collectibles. You can use the summoning orbs to exchange for a new character to supplement your collection. Some heroes are truly outstanding while others are not so good, but you will never know in advance which hero you will receive. Therefore, make sure that you know how to use your orbs properly.

Usually, to summon a hero, you need to spend five summoning orbs. However, the game also allows you to reduce those costs by summoning many heroes at once. There are five heroes that can be summoned at a time; the first summon will cost 5 orbs, the next three will cost 4, and then finally 3. In this way, you can save up to 5 orbs, compared to when you summon them separately.

Try to complete every limited time quest

Be sure to check Quests & Missions section regularly and try your best to complete the given challenges. Some rewards seem to be worthless at that time, but if you have many small rewards, you can summon more new heroes, upgrade the heroes you already have, and more. These missions not only offer limited time, when you have passed a certain point in the story, but you can also unlock the "Special Map" option in the "Battle" section. Here, you will find powerful enemies that will challenge your best heroes. Try to defeat them, and you will immediately earn that hero, or other rewards like some summoned orbs, for example. The Special Map will list their difficulties and some battles that have win conditions, so make sure you know these things well before entering the fight.

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Your hero’s stats

Knowing each character's statistics will help you use them more appropriately. If there are two similar heroes, you can choose a better hero based on their star rating. The more stars they have, the higher the stats overall and of course, it will be best if you have as many 5-star characters as possible in your collection. However, there are not many the 5-star heroes, so you may have to do something with someone who has a less powerful. To make the right strategy, first of all, let’s check their stats. Because even two heroes with the same star rating can also have extremely different numbers attributed to attack, health, defense, and more.

To check the stats of a character, go to the “Allies” section and then choose Edit Teams. From there, click on anyone you want to check their stats. When you find out who is worth keeping, come back to the main “Allies” menu and click Advanced Growth. Here, you can choose to merge multiple heroes or sacrifice someone to provide another power. You can also choose to give up two weaker heroes to strengthen the stronger.

Upgrade your castle

You will have to spend 30 orbs to upgrade your castle which not only makes your main screen more beautiful but also adds a 100% boost to experience points earned. This will give you a lot of benefits because summoned heroes start from level 1, and you will need to take a bit of training to strengthen them. Once your castle is upgraded, you can reduce the time required to do so by half.

Learn new skills

Once you level up, you will get SP that can be used to learn new things. Even if you want to equip for your Ninja with a new poison ability or a new dodge, you just need to go to the “Allies” section and then select “Learn skills”. Here, you can train your character with many skills to upgrade them.

That’s all about some of the most useful Fire Emblem Heroes tips and tricks that you should know before playing this game. We hope you will have fun moments while playing this game. Click https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ua3JWM-rHls to learn more about games and apps and enjoy!

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