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question about hydroponic Aeration

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Old 03-25-2019, 04:07 AM
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Default question about hydroponic Aeration

Hi Ron I have A question about Areation. I am running A system that use's Perlite as the medium. My system is outside and im Using Organic Fertilizer (Earth Juice). My system is an Active Drip (well Its more like a constant stream) I use 1/8 inch holes in 1/4 in tubing (I fear of clogging drippers). My timer is set to start at Dusk for 1 hour every other hour until Dawn (about 8
Cycles/hours of watering). I know this sounds like a lot but its outside about 80-90 degrees out, its in the sun, and my nutrient Solution is AIRATED All the time. Can you tell me if its too much watering or does perlite drain/dry really fast that Oxygen will not be a problem...Remember i am Aerating my solution 24 hours a day and Fish and Water Plants live in water 24 hours a day Why or why not can my Tomatoes? Please Help me Clarify this Oh buy the way did the aspirin lower the PH and FYI Citric Acid (vitamin C) is supposed to be an organic PH Down. Thanks Again....Rick

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