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Indoor winter greens using flood and drain system with PVC pipes

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Old 11-14-2017, 02:56 PM
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Talking Indoor winter greens using flood and drain system with PVC pipes

First, nice forum! Feels like I might have found the right spot

Let me just quickly introduce myself: I’m a happy hobbyist farmer from Sweden and I need those leafy green vegetables even in winter time so I figured, why not grow them in a hydro system!

I have made an initial design (See the picture) but I have not found this exact setup anywhere else so now I need your advice: (sorry for poor picture quality!! See picture in this link:

First, is the general idea right or are there any major faults in my design?

I want to use organic nutrition if possible, that's why I have clay pebbles in the pipes to act as a bio-filter. Will this work and what nutrition is preferred? Do I havve to buy it or could I make my own?

The reason for using two separate water tanks is to not have the pump running all the time. This way I can have a quick pump with a float-valve that pumps all the water to the self-draining tank. Is this a good idea?

Will it be to dry and warm? The setup will be pretty close to a wood fired stove going almost constant in daytime.

Will temperature fluxes be a problem? Since we have little or no extra heating it gets pretty cold over night. Haven’t yet measured the MAX/MIN temp but guess is MAX 25 and MIN 15.

Letīs start with theese questions


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