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Hydroponics board EC resistance

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Old 04-07-2018, 06:04 AM
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Default Hydroponics board EC resistance


I have the hydroponics board from cooking hacks and I received it with both the EC and pH probes.
Everything was working fine with the EC until I changed the probe. Even though I recalibrate with the new probe, the value is off by a few points (I double check with a separate digital EC probe).After digging in the code and understanding the equation I see that the missing link is calculating the resistance.In the repository the resistance is calculated with values that "Have been obtained experimentally" (Pasted below) and I have no clue how to obtain them myself.My question then is: - Are these values dependent on the probe as well as the circuit? For this reason, another probe would need different values?If this is the case, how can I replicate the experiments to get it with a different probe?

Please help.

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