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When to move rockwool seedlings to dutch buckets

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Old 01-10-2019, 12:58 AM
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Yes Verti gro has been doing vertical hydro for a while. Iíve been buying the nutrients from them for a while cause it works real well. Iíve never had to go full strength with their nutrients I only go as high as 3/4.

You can only use suckers not the branches to start new plants.

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Old 01-11-2019, 03:05 PM
gdgdad gdgdad is offline
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Default Post flush update & question

The plants seem to continue to ďrecoverĒÖ. easily the top 1/3 of each plant is lush green, fuzzy, no yellowing on the leaves (see pics). I went through and counted all the flowers I could find (albeit some VERY small) and came up with 35 (again see pics). Thatís across all the plants, one plant alone having 12, and 1 an actual tomato (no end rot either!). I know there should be more than twice that many flowers, but Iíll take whatever goes all the way to fruition. On cloning the suckers - whatís a good ďlengthĒ range to place them into the cloner? Iím leaving all the suckers I see right now (only 3 or 4 since trimming, most not over an inch) until the parts I ordered to re-assemble the cloner come in. Cool nights are still forcing me to wheel them into the garage at night. The reservoir sprung a leak, so I replaced it with a much higher quality Tote, and mounted it on a ďskidĒ plate for moving. I was concerned I might be over watering (some droopy leaves when I first got back) so 2 days ago I changed watering to off 30 / on 5 - your thoughts on that and what signs do you go by to tell you to little / too much water? Thanks!
PS - Whats the secret to getting pictures to rotate how you want them? I'll rotate them in a different app, save, and they still come in sideways!
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Old 01-12-2019, 03:58 AM
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Great you probably saved the plants right ontime.

Suckers can be 3 - 4 inch to put in rockwool cube.

Depending on the heat if itís how 5 on 30 off if itís cool 3 on 30 off.

Just look at the leaves of the plant they will tell you if itís healthy or not.

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