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How often to water our hydroponics setup?

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Old 01-26-2009, 01:18 PM
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Default How often to water our hydroponics setup?

I have a system that I designed that is a cross between an ebb & flow and a NFT system.

The plants are grown in 4" rockwool blocks, and there is a 1/8" of nutrient film that runs along the bottom of the blocks every 15 minutes, for fifteen minutes.

My question is:
Am I watering the blocks/plants too often?

hey seem to be growing healthy but they are a shade lighter green that plants that I am used to growing in soil. Although they are a lighter green, they do not appear to be pale.

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Old 01-26-2009, 01:19 PM
Ron K Ron K is offline
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I have used rockwool quite a bit - in block, slab and flock (granular) form. The best results
were obtained using blocks transplanted (placed on top) of slabs using a drip setup (see slab system member's garden). Also worked really well in ebb & flow in 3 and 4" blocks. And, of course, in aeroponic and nft systems the seedling (or cutting) started in smaller rockwool cubes. The aeration factor of rockwool is good but not as good as aggregate (Leca) and other media. If using blocks and the bottom of the blocks are in full contact with the growing container you may have not so much of an over- watering problem as an aeration problem. I would need more particulars on your system to be able to make an educated guess (which is what I do!) on the problem. Also, what nutrient are you using? If the plants are growing at a fairly normal rate and the leaves look good (shape, edges, etc) then your nutrient may be at least part of the problem. There may not be enough of the "right form" of nitrogen to keep the plants a darker green. I've found that most "grow" nutrients formulated for hydroponics work well for most plants. I hope these comments help. If you need more info give more particulars on your system and nutrient and I would be happy to comment again.
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