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what TDS level for leafy greens and herbs in indoor Tower Garden?

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Old 10-18-2017, 11:40 AM
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Default what TDS level for leafy greens and herbs in indoor Tower Garden?

I picked up a Tower Garden second-hand and set it up in my dining room over the winter. Growing leafy greens and herbs (romaine and bibb lettuce, spinach, broccoli raab, kale, swiss chard, parsley, basil, cilantro, etc.). No fruiting or flowering plants. T5 lights on 14-hour timer. nutrient pump on 15 minutes, off 45 minutes cycle. The "Tower Tonic" that came with it is 5 years old...I mixed some up it got very low TDS readings so I'm not going to use that. I have some General Hydroponics Maxigro that I will use instead.

My question is what is a good TDS level to target for this system? The Tower instructions recommend 1100 for half-strength solution (summer time) or 2200 for full-strength, which seems REALLY high to me. But it's also a one-size-fits-all for people who may be growing lots of tomatoes in their Tower outdoors.

So what TDS level should I try to maintain, assuming I have a mix of greens and herbs at various growth stages at all times?

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