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Need Help - Possible Root Rot

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Old 07-19-2018, 12:50 AM
adamlevine adamlevine is offline
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Default Need Help - Possible Root Rot

Really struggling to keep my DWC temps down due to the recent heatwave where I am. Temps are always a couple degrees higher in my tent than in my house so I converted my DWC buckets into a recirculating system buy hooking them together with pipes and a pump so I can have an external reservoir. I like to dump ice bottles into the external reservoir to bring the temperature of the system down. But its really hard to keep it cool as its using ice bottles faster than I can freeze them. I wen't out for a few hours today and when I came home my water temp was 31 Celsius! For the past few days there has been some nasty looking crap on my roots. And after getting to 31c there is bubbles floating on the top of the water which to me is an indication of serious issue. I've been treating my system with Pythoff which I believe is a Chlorine based sterilizing agent. It kills all common pathogens and pests and fungi etc. I've been squirting 1-2ml per day into it as whats recommended for a healthy system but it doesn't seem to be killing whatever is in the water. So I shocked it with 8ml earlier and i'll see what happens. As soon as I saw the high temp I threw all the ice bottles I have into the water which has brought it down to 23c. My plants remain healthy despite whats going on with the roots.

Can someone give me an opinion on if I have a problem or not? I've never done DWC before so I don't know what certain issues look like. Thanks

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