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Conversion of DWC to RDWC

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Old 08-06-2017, 09:58 PM
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Thumbs down Conversion of DWC to RDWC

I am relatively newer to hydroponics, less than a year. I have Deep Water Culture systems currently. Three separate tanks, with the water capacity in one 3.75 gallons, the second is 8 gallons, and the final is10 gallons. There are a variety of reasons for three of different sizes, the predominant ones are newness and lack of prior planning.

I want to convert the existing three systems to a single integrated recirculating DWC. I have three questions though.

1---Will the fact that they systems have different volume capacity create any problem?

2---As I understand it, the pump pulls rather than pushes water through the system, and as such should be placed at or in the input (return flow) to the reservoir. Is that correct?

3---Given my various tank volumes, what flow rate (Gallons per hour) of a pump should I use?

I should also add that the water reservoir tank will sit below the level of the three tanks (The 10 gallon tank will be less than two feet above the reservoir, and the other two less than three feet)

4---Are there any other considerations which I should take into account.

Thanks for any and all responses.


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