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Arizona Cardinals vs Chicago Bears second half thread

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Old 12-07-2018, 03:46 AM
laiyongcai92 laiyongcai92 is offline
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Default Arizona Cardinals vs Chicago Bears second half thread

Well Cheap Robert Nkemdiche Jersey , that was a little bit better.After the Arizona Cardinals had been awful in the first half their first two games, a combined 40-0 against the Redskins and Rams, they had a productive first drive and they got some contributions from their defense to take a 14-3 halftime lead.Sign up HERE to take our weekly Cardinals survey.After the opening kickoff, you saw what the Cardinals and their fans had hoped to see from the team all season.Sam Bradford had two 30+ yard pass plays, one on third down to Christian Kirk, as David Johnson had a great blitz pickup to give Bradford time.Then, a couple plays later Cheap Mason Cole Jersey , Bradford hit a wide open Ricky Seals-Jones for a 35-yard touchdown.Then, Robert Nkemdiche continues his strong start the season, getting a strip sack of Mitchell Trubisky and setting up the second touchdown of the day, this time a 21-yard touchdown to David Johnson and the Cardinals lead 14-0 in the first quarter.Offensively, the Cardinals had 96 yards on two of their six first half possessions. Outside of those two drives, the offense has zero yards, including two drives that resulted in -13 yards and -5 yards.Itís been the Cardinals defense that has won the day though.The Cardinals offense has found the endzone twice http://www.cardinalscheapshops.com/c...s-jones-jersey , but has really struggled outside of three plays.However, all that matters right now, is the Cardinals go into the second half up 14-3.Letís see if they can finish it out.10 stats from the loss against the Bears I know the game is ancient history, but I thought itíd be interesting to check the box score for some key numbers from last Sundayís game.10The number of tackles Budda Baker has. Sometimes when you see a high number of tackles that doesnít mean the player was impactful. In this case, it was exactly that. Baker was flying all over the field making plays. Baker was great against the run. He also made plays against the pass. It was a great showing for Baker.9The number of times the Bears hit a Cardinals quarterback. I know Chicago has Khalil Mack. I know the pass protection hasnít been great. Nine is entirely too high and itís awfully tough to be successful on offense when your quarterback is picking himself up off the ground nearly every other time he drops back to throw.8The number of drives before the final drive that didnít end in a score for the Cardinals. The Bears had the ball for 13 more minutes than the Cardinals. Inefficiency and lack of creativity is killing the offense. Mike McCoy let David Johnson run a route past five yards and what do ya know, touchdown. More of that, less of taking out your best player on the biggest third down of the game.7The number of catches Christian Kirk had. On eight targets. Usually Kirk is a screen heavy guy. Last game was good usage for Kirk. It was different. He ran a nice double move that went for over 30 yards. There was a nice play-action design where he was just matched up with a linebacker and outran him to the other side of the field. It was good to see his role progress and hopefully it doesnít get stagnant. 6The number of penalties the Cardinals had. That might sound like a lot to some but itís not. Like http://www.cardinalscheapshops.com/c...-holmes-jersey , at all. The average is over seven, and the league low is four. One area the team didnít shoot themselves in the foot was excessive penalties.5The number of pass breakups the Bears had. With Josh Rosen playing, something Iíll be keeping an eye on is how many chances Rosen is take. Is he putting the ball in harms way? We donít want him to go Alex Smith. But he canít go Deshaun Watson, either. Letís see if he can find the happy medium.4The number of turnovers the Cardinals had. Three interceptions and a fumble that was lost. Luckily, three of those turnovers wonít see the field Sunday. Still, if the rookie signal-caller protects the ball Arizona has a good shot at winning.3The number of sacks the Cardinals had. I think for the first time we saw this defense come close to what was expected in preseason. Getting after Trubisky behind the line of scrimmage and making plays on his passes. We all know Russell Wilson will give his receivers a shot, the Cardinals will have a chance to make a play. Robert Nkemdiche played one of his better games as a pro. He and Chandler Jones should be able to build on the sack number from last Sunday.2The yards per carry David Johnson averaged. 2.6. There hasnít been a game yet where Johnson has cracked 50 yards. Something has to give Cheap D.J. Humphries Jersey , right? Right? The Seahawks difference has struggled to stop the run so far. The Bears are the fourth best. Iíd spread Seattle out, and give Johnson all the touches.0Iíll skip one, and go to zero. But Iíll give you two. That is the number of targets Larry Fitzgeral had on third down. That canít happen. Especially when you are converting 30% of your third downs. 3-10 and none of them were plays for your best receiver. That canít happen.Zero is also the number of red zone drives Arizona had. Theyíre making life so tough on themselves by not sustaining drives. Theyíre not the explosive play type team. Mike McCoy is going to have to figure out what works and the players are going to have to execute.

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