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Beneficial microbes, water quality, and pathogens

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Old 08-08-2011, 06:03 AM
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Default Beneficial microbes, water quality, and pathogens

I just wanted to post some information about Beneficial microbes, Fungi, and Acids for anyone interested in using them, or just curious about them. As well as some information about water quality, and pathogens as well. These are links to articles that I copied the text (including the link for reference) of and saved it to text documents on my computer. As well as PDF's that I saved to my computer. The articles that have the Online Extras, are those with an extra accompanying PDF to the original article.

Beneficial microbes
Beneficial Biology Demistified
Beneficial Soil Microbes
Biological Products in Indoor Gardens
What Should We Know About Biological Inoculants?
Premium Big Bio-Harvests the Easy Way
The Truth About Microbes-- Microbes in soil and sand-based root zones

Beneficial Fungi
Buying and Applying Mycorrhizal Fungi (including a added online extra)
Understanding and Using Trichoderma Fungi (including a added online extra)

Beneficial Acid
Humic Acid: Black Nectar From The Gods
Humic Acid: The Black Nectar from the Gods
Shopping for Humic Acids (including a added online extra)

nutrient Temperature: Oxygen and Pythium in Hydroponics
The Pythium Predator
Ask Erik, problems with pythium
Nutrition Solution Problems
Pythium or Algae: Have You Been Misdiagnosed? (including a added online extra)
The Fungus Among Us!
Plant Disease in hydroponic systems (scroll down the page)

Water Quality
Water Wisdom For Hydroponics
Hydroponic H2O: Water Quality and Treatment (including a added online extra)
Clean Water Supplies for Hydroponics
Ultraviolet Sterilization Technology

Related Topics
Keeping Roots in Tip-Top Condition
Moisture Matters
Root Zone Chilling: Handling the Heat
Application Parameters for Using Compost Tea (including a added online extra)
Nutrient Management

Introduction to Hydroponics and Controlled Environment Agriculture
Though this isn't exactly about the topic if this thread, it is a great resource for information. Writen by Dr. Patricia Rorabaugh, Plant Sciences, at University of Arizona Controlled Environment Agriculture Center. It's a 140 page handbook (70 if printed on both sides) covering various aspects of hydroponics. Scroll down the page to the "Curriculum" section. Each chapter is in PDF and can be printed out separately. I printed out all the chapters, and put it in a 3 ring binder (with plastic sheet covers) for easy reference.

PLS 217 Introduction to Hydroponics and CEA

Well Ironically, I still haven't found the PDF document I was looking for on my computer that outlines what to look for in a high quality beneficial microbe product. I'll try searching for it again tomorrow, but for now I'll try and post what I can from memory.

High quality Beneficial microbe products include
1. A wide range of different species of beneficial microbes
2. Wide working temperature range
3. Certified Organic
4. Long Shelf Life
5. Come in both liquid and dry

Low quality Beneficial microbe products basically just reflect the opposite of those qualities in a high quality product. And just a friendly bit of advice, stay away from products made by "Advanced nutrients." They have a bad reputation for low quality products. They also have earned a "F" rating from BBB (Better Business Bureau).

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