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The Gurgle Garden

Parts List
1- 5 gallon bucket
1- 21/2 gallon bucket or you can cut a 5 gallon bucket in half or use the hole 5 gal. bucket. I don't care. But it will take more grow rocks or gravel to fill it up..
1- lid with a notch cut out.
1- Single Outlet Aquarium Air Pump. Cost between $5.00 and $10.00 dollars.
1- 1/4 inch tee and elbow You can eliminate the elbow if you want to but make the 28" hose
longer so it will reach the top bucket.
3- pieces of 1/4" hose. 1- 36", 1- 28", 1- 6" long
Drill several 1/2" or smaller holes through the lid and top bucket for drainage back to the bucket underneath.
Here is the top bucket and the lid with the holes drilled. Note also the notch cut out of the lid for the 1/4" tee and hose to stick into.
The smaller bucket will sit on top of the 5 gallon bucket.
This is how the hose goes together. It really doesn't matter which hose goes where on the tee. It will still siphon droplets of water up to the top bucket. Let the pump run all the time during the day or all the time if you want to.
Here is a drawing of the garden. The best medium to use is grow rocks but you can use pea gravel, Perlite, wood chips, ghost turds or any sterilized medium that drains well.
If you want to spend a little cash you can make the Gurgle Garden a little fancier like Ed did


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