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Pictures Name Description
tomato1.jpg (22831 bytes)

Pool Garden 4/23/99

We have tomatoes forming on this Sweet 100 plant.
toma1.jpg (18618 bytes)

Pool Garden 4/26/99

These Better Bush are doing much better but not as many tomatoes in the long run than the Sweet 100
toma6.jpg (23306 bytes)

Pool Garden 4/26/99

A few Better Bush tomatoes doing fine on 4/26/99.
tomato2.jpg (21061 bytes)

Better Bush on 4/23/99

toma5.jpg (23076 bytes)

Better Bush on 4/26/99

toma4.jpg (22928 bytes) Sweet 100 on 4/26/99 I think they are turning red to early. They are the size of Cheri tomatoes not Sweet 100's.
tomato4.jpg (18563 bytes)

Pool Garden 4/23/99

I am using Miracle Gro for Tomatoes (18-18-21) with a dash of Epson salt for flavoring.


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