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Pool Gardens



spider_vertical.jpg (22950 bytes) spiders12_11.jpg (21328 bytes)

Vertical Garden

Here are the latest pictures on the vertical garden. As you can see all the spider plants are thriving. This vertical system is a good way to keep from wasting valuable greenhouse space.
tomato11_16.jpg (20298 bytes) tomaD1211.jpg (20938 bytes)

Gallon Pool Garden

The pictures on the left were taking last month 11-16-99 and the pictures on the right this month 12-11-99
tomatoA11_16.jpg (22574 bytes) tomaC1211.jpg (20147 bytes) Gallon Pool Garden I like this super bush tomato plant because it only grows 3 or 4 feet high but still puts out the tomatoes.
tomatoB11_16.jpg (21615 bytes) tomaB1211.jpg (17361 bytes) Gallon Pool Garden I am using Dyna-Gro liquid plant food but when I run out then I will go back to my commercial mix because it's cheaper.
banana11-13.jpg (18603 bytes) banana12_11.jpg (18249 bytes) Banana Tree We had a few cold nights and my banana tree shows it.

Gallon Pool Garden

straw12_11.jpg (18427 bytes) strawB12_11.jpg (17147 bytes) These strawberry plants are over a year old. Haven't got to many berries from them.
hydro_tree.jpg (29101 bytes) A hydroponic Christmas tree? I don't know if I will finish it before Christmas. Maybe next year.


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