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10 HTS-2000 18" Aluminum Brazing Rods **COMPLETE KIT** For Sale

10 HTS-2000 18

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10 HTS-2000 18" Aluminum Brazing Rods **COMPLETE KIT**:

This the only product I sell on . Your aluminum repair project has 100% of my attention.Fast shipping via Priority Mail!THIS ALUMINUM REPAIR KIT INCLUDES: Ten 18"HTS-2000 Brazing RodsTwo Stainless Steel Tinning Brushes
One Demo DVD and Printed InstructionsJust add your own propane/MAPP torch and you are ready to go!
If you wish to purchase fewer rods, please see my other listings. Repair Aluminum Parts Quickly and Easily with new HTS-2000 Brazing Rods !!!! HTS-2000 rods are second generation, low heat industrial-strength brazing rods. The strongest, fastest, and easiest way to repair aluminum parts!

I buy these revolutionary rods by the pound from the manufacturer for my own use and sell the extras by the rod. Check my response dates, I wasthe first to sell theseon , and competitors now copy my listing, sometimes word for word. Back then I just wantedto buy a few rods, not a full pound, so you and I may be much alike. And I always answer emailsand give you my honest opinion if this product is what you really need for your application. Check my response, it speaks for itself!

The 10 full-length 18" rods in this package are easier and safer to hold in your hand when brazing, and overall more efficient than shorter rods. Most repairs require a small, stainless steel wire tinning brush ($2 at hardware stores), two are provided with this kit. The demonstration DVD was produced by the manufacturer and showcases typical repairs and the amazing performance of these revolutionary brazing rods.

Performs well on aluminum, cast aluminum, pot metal, copper, and magnesium. Easily repair corroded or oil-impregnated metals that can be next to impossible to fix using welding machines or other brazing products

  • Repair aluminum parts stronger than new in minutes - No expensive welding machine needed!
  • Repair cracks in aluminum engine blocks and heads.
  • Repair holes in bell housings, oil pans, and radiators.
  • Repair leaks in aluminum boats, tanks, condensers, and A/C lines.
  • Repair threads in transmission housings, alternators, generators, and spark plug ports.
  • Recast a section or refabricate ears and tabs.
  • Use for repairs to automotive, truck, tractor, aviation, motorcycle, boats, awnings, gutters, ladders, rivets, brackets, or for complete fabrication.
  • HTS -2000 repairs are stronger than the aluminum base metal - not just a seal. Not to be confused with Alumaloy, Alumaweld, Alumarod, Durafix, Aladdin 3 in 1, or any other first generation rods, most consisting of 3 alloys. HTS-2000 is a unique product made of nine alloys that cost more to produce this superior advanced technology. HTS-2000 has an elongation of 10% in 2 inches (rather than the standard 3% like the first generation rods listed above) which makes HTS-2000 3 times more flexible, and stronger than any of its competitors. It also easily penetrates past impurities that lay below the metal's surface which may be impossible to penetrate with competitors materials. No flux is necessary with this product.

For technical details, customer testimonials, and a descriptive video, go to the newtechnologyproducts website

For cast iron and steel repairs, I also offer HTS-528 rods for sale. If you would like to swap 5 HTS-2000 rods for 2 HTS-528 rods, please add a note to your order during checkout. Be aware that to use HTS-528 rods, you will need a dual-gas torch to generate more heat (propane/MAPP alone will not be sufficient), and you should wear brazing goggles with a minimum lens shade number of 3 or 4. Unlike HTS-2000, the HTS-528 rods are designed for tight fitting repairs of 0.003" clearance or less.

The fine print: PLEASE!!, go to the newtechnologyproducts website and read your torch manufacturer's instructions and the MSDS and safety procedures before using this product. By buying from me, you agree to use this product at your own risk and to waive any liability claims on me for damage or injury. No warranty, expressed or implied, is made.

This is the genuine HTS-2000 product, do not be confused by others on selling similar looking rods that cost less to produce. Also, I have written permission from the manufacturer to distribute copies of the copyrighted instructions and demo DVDs.

Buy Now


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