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10 acre DREDGEABLE Gold Placer Mining Claim in IDAHO For Sale

10 acre DREDGEABLE Gold Placer Mining Claim in IDAHO

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10 acre DREDGEABLE Gold Placer Mining Claim in IDAHO:

"Golden Find A” Gold Placer Mining Claim, by Idaho City, Idaho


This stunning 10 acre unpatented dredgable placer gold mining claim on the gold-bearing Clear Creek, is located in Boise County, Idaho, by Idaho City (or 54.5 miles north of Boise). Township 8N, Range 6E, Section 31, NE Quarter Section. Claim No. IMC200589.


Clear Creek, a gold bearing tributary of Grimes Creek, is fed by nearby Jackson and Wilson Peaks. These are the same source providers for the Grimes Creek and Elk Creek tributaries which are historically famous for their gold production. The creek 4.3 miles downstream passes by historic Pioneerville and mountains of dredge pilings prior to flowing into Grimes Creek. This portion of Clear Creek is nestled amongst narrow forested valley walls which prevented old time miners from dredging in this area leaving the creek virtually untouched. Small pools are situated along the claim with gold bearing gravels present. A test hole was dug about half a mile from this claim with bedrock varying between 3-6 feet deep. The gold in the photograph was taken from the site in a few short hours.

The claim is surrounded by forested mountains with good road access in a region rich in gold history. A small open camp site is located on the corner of the claim and a larger site is also located 1.6 miles downstream. This claim is unique offering considerable privacy for those who wish to get away from it all. Full services are available at historic Idaho City 19.1 miles away.

I have worked in this area for years and will no longer be able to work all of the claims I have in the area. I will be offering this claim to a serious miner who wants an extraordinary field tested and historically proven gold-bearing site.

As the public’s view of Geocommunicator and LR2000 can take months to update you may check the claim’s immediate validity with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) directly by phoning (208) 373 3895 quoting claim No. IMC200589.

This area has been thoroughly investigated and is not overlapping on any other existing mining claims. The BLM confirmed that this area is open to mineral entry. The claim has been plotted using current topographical software. The legal description has been written by allocate parts as well as meets and bounds confirmed through engineering for assured accuracy. Each boundary marker has been placed using GPS technology.

Dredging requirements in Idaho allow for a maximum 15 horse power with a maximum 5 inch dredge. Contact the Idaho Department of Water Resources (IDWR) for additional details on dredging in Idaho.

For interested buyers who are not familiar with mining claim laws and requirements contact your state and federal governing agencies for details. Be aware of the general guidelines concerning mining claim ownership prior to purchase. It is the buyer’s responsibility to follow up with the relevant governing agencies on any requirementsfor keeping a mining claim valid after a mining claim deed has been assigned to them.


All transfer fees will be at SELLER'S expense, but only for one claimant (individual purchaser) who purchases the claim. It will cost the buyer $10.00 per, if they wish to add additional claimants/entities/companies to the claim (or you can add others to your claim at a later time on your own). Upon the sale of this claim, the paperwork will be submitted to the county for recording, the BLM for filing, and then will be forwarded to the buyer. When the payment clears, this claim will be quitclaim deeded to the buyer. All parties who currently have an interest in 'Golden Find A' will transfer their interest out of this claim and the buyer will have the ONLY interest in it!

Your completed purchase will include the following:

•Claim 100% in your name with a professionally completed Quitclaim Deed
•All filing including recording with the appropriate county and BLM
•A USGS topographical map of the claim
•Directions to the claim
•Additional copies of paperwork for annual claim filing requirements
•Instructions regarding annual filing requirements
•GPS coordinates for the installed boundary markers

I am starting the offerding price at $500.00. This is to cover the cost which I have in this claim and work I have done on the claim such as staking and signage. Considering this claim has over 650 feet of dredgable creek frontage, easy access to the claim with a vehicle and camping on the claim, this claim has an abundance to offer the extreme mining adventurer.


Vehicle access to the claim is via a hard-pack dirt road which you can drive virtually up to the creek side. I've seen cars access the area as it is a maintained forest service road. The claim is located 19.1 miles outside the historic town of Idaho City. Driving directions to the claim: from Boise, travel north on HWY 21 to Idaho City. Drive through Idaho City on Main Street (North) and then turn left (West) onto Centreville Road (NF 307). Stay on Centreville Road (NF 307) for 7.5 miles. The road name changes to NF 307. Turn right (North-East) onto Grimes Pass Road (NF 382) and drive 7.3 miles to Pioneerville. Then turn right (East) onto NF 380 (Summit Flat Road) and drive 4.3 miles to the claim. Signage is posted clearly identifying the claim along the roadside.

For those interested in visiting the claim, I would ask that you use a pan or high-banker only to sample the material, in order to maintain the natural integrity of the site.


When you purchase an unpatented mining claim you own ALL of the rights to all minerals on the claim. Your ownership is an interest in real property. You can leave it to your heirs, borrow against it, and even live on it with certain restrictions. Your ownership is perpetual, so long as you meet the annual requirements. The ground belongs to the Federal Government as long as it remains unpatented. If the claim becomes qualified for application for a patent and the patent is accepted, the ground will become your own private property. It will pass from the Federal Government to you. You will not pay royalties to anyone for anything you extract from your claim. The gold and other gems and minerals are all YOURS!


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require further details.

Good luck and happy offerding!

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