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12 Volt DC Hydraulic Pump Double Acting - Dump Trailer For Sale

12 Volt DC Hydraulic Pump Double Acting - Dump Trailer

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12 Volt DC Hydraulic Pump Double Acting - Dump Trailer:

KTI Hydraulic Double Acting 12 VDC Dump Truck or Trailer pump.

Will work in manyother double acting applications.

Premium 2 YEAR FACTORY WARRANTY, unlikeother competitive unitswith only a 1 year warranty.

12V DC KTI Hydraulic Unit - DC36
Power-Up / Power-Down; 2.0 GPM @1000PSI; 1.5 Gal Poly Tank

Based on the KTI Core circuit 111, this unit is the fastest, smoothest and most reliable Double-Acting 12VDC hydraulic pump available today! Each unit is assembled and tested with only the best quality components at the KTI, California facility. Unit provided with 12 volt DC 4.5 inch motor, a 2P4W directional valve on top, and a 2P2W Single Load Holding Valve allowing smooth "Raise-Hold-Lower", with built inPatent pending PO check circuit, critical for dump trailers and hoists to ensure smooth lowering and no chatter. Our Version features A, Bside portsallowing flexible hose connection. Pressure balanced gear pump design. Delivers superior performance and efficiency compared to competitive units that are not pressure balanced.


  • Double acting Power-Up / Power Down
  • 3200 PSI Max. Relief Setting For Increased Lifting Power
  • 1500 PSI Lowering relief setting
  • Adjustable relief
  • Lift, Hold and Lower circuit
  • 2.0 GPM @ 1000 PSI nominal operation
  • 1.5 Gallon Translucent Reservoir
  • SAE #6 Ports
  • Horizonal mount
  • Hand held pendant with 15 foot removal cord and start solenoid
  • valves, B side PO check and dual relief valves
  • Product of California
  • Compared to Monarch / Bucher M-3551, MTE 5014, Stone DC-41

Flow curve

  • 2.5 gpm @ 100 psi
  • 2 gpm @ 1000 psi
  • 1.6 gpm @ 1500 psi
  • 1gpm @ 3000 psi

Flow cures such as this are typical with all power units of this nature, be it KTI or all Competitive units.

Power unit Dimensions

Not displayed on pictures above.

  • Overall length 19.25 inchs
  • Reservoir width 6.7 inchs
  • Reservoir length 11.25 inchs

For the same unit with a steel tank specify option 8080-6 when ordering. Add $25.50 to order for metal tank.

Tank sizes from 1.5 qt through 5 gallons steel or plasticavailable.

Please contact us if you are in need of other options, (Different tank, pump size, Different pressure settings, vertical mount,etc.)

Picture of tankmay vary from actual unit recieved. Tank may be square plastic rather than round.

Availablewith wireless remotecontrolsfor an additional cost.

Buy with assurance - Factory Warranty covers defects in workmanship, materials and designfor a period of2YEARSfrom date of purchase.

Please visitus on the web at www.inddss.com/Home_Page.htmland view a variety of hydraulic products.

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