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1865 Two Cent Piece *YB65 For Sale

1865 Two Cent Piece *YB65

This item has been shown times.

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1865 Two Cent Piece *YB65:

1865 Two Cent Piece *YB65

You will receive the exact coin(s) as pictured. Please see photos for condition details.

YB002365 Our Policies:
  1. Customer Service Priority #1 - We have several employees that work customer service FULL TIME. We take customer service very seriously and will work hard to ensure you have an exceptional shopping experience.

  2. We are here to help! Have questions? Message, email, or write. We will work hard to answer all of your questions.

  3. Reputation: Your satisfaction matters. We want you to come back and we want you to tell everyone else about what a great experience you had with us. If you ever have a problem, we want to take care of it! Some days we ship over 1,000 packages out, so from time to time, we do make a mistake. Please note: We are NOT mind readers, so unless you tell us about your problem, we cannot fix it.

  4. Returns: We offer 30 day, no questions asked, hassle free returns (bullion sales exempt - 3 day returns only). Message or call us to get a Return Authorization Number, which will ensure there is no delay in refunding your money. Items must be in their undamaged original packaging otherwise a 15% restocking fee or refusal of return may occur.

  5. Authenticity: We stand behind all of our items 100%. Their authenticity is guaranteed indefinitely. We’ve been on since 1999 and don’t plan on going anywhere.

  6. Payments: We prefer Paypal but also accept Check. We would appreciate payment as soon as you are done purchasing. We understand sometimes it will take time to surf all 20,000 coins we have, however, please make payment within 7 days of purchase, or if need be let us know if you need longer.

  7. Refunds: The fastest way to get a refund is to message us to get a Return Authorization Number, otherwise your refund may be delayed greatly (we sometime ship 1,000 items a day, so it is sometimes difficult to match up information when not RA is included.

  8. Shipping: We have a professional staff of shippers, literally all they do is SHIP FULL TIME. Most orders go out within 24 hrs of payment (Except Weekends & Major Holidays). They will be carefully packaged to ensure your item(s) arrive quickly and safely.
    Please note that regardless of how many coins are purchase, all shipments invoiced at under $25.00 are subject to a $2.95 shipping and handling fee. Shipments invoiced $25.00 and are over are applicable for free shipping.

  9. Grading: A pictures worth a 1000 words. And our pictures are better than any words we could use to describe our coins. Grading is a subjective ‘art’ we can always give you our opinion; however, we try to photograph coins as accurately as possible to give you all the information you need to form an opinion.

  10. We’ve spent 1000’s of hours working to perfect the perfect photo. Our goal is to photograph it in a way that allows you to see what the item will look like when it is in front of you. We do not enhance or touch up any of our photos. Read our response, you’ll see people love the quality we send people.

- M Barr Coins
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