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1926 Madison Moore 8-Tube Superhet Radio In Original Walnut Cabinet * Stunning For Sale

1926 Madison Moore 8-Tube Superhet Radio In Original Walnut Cabinet * Stunning

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1926 Madison Moore 8-Tube Superhet Radio In Original Walnut Cabinet * Stunning:

If you collect early radios or antique phonographs, make sure to check out all of my listings after you've looked at this one. Among the items on the block this week are a 1905 Standard X2 disc phonograph (original throughout, working perfectly, and it still has a beautiful coat of factory paint on its 18" blue flower horn); a 1924 Crosley 51 battery radio (near mint and working, and original throughout); an 1899 Edison "Drip Pan" Gem phonograph (among the most collectible of all Edison cylinder phonographs, the Drip Pan set is unlike any other GEM made after it, and the example I'm offering is in excellent condition and is complete with its original cone horn and sheet metal drip pan); and last but by no means least a 1923 Kennedy V battery regenerative battery radio (near mint, working condition, and its original throughout -- you've got to at least take a look; it's gorgeous). Sodon't forgetto click "see other items" after you've read about this one. You can also click this link toquickly add and then save me to your favorite seller listand will automatically send you updates when I putsimilar new listings online. Please note, however, that this software glitches occasionally, and it's not uncommon for buyers to be notified of new sale listings after those sales have ended, so it's always safest tocheck in Monday morning, as I list items every Sunday night.Here's a beautiful and massive 1926 Madison Moore superheterodyne battery radio. Judging from its build quality and component layout, it appears to be a factory-built set, and it's housed in a gorgeous walnut cabinet that retains a nearly flawless factory finish. Condition of the radio is excellent throughout, especially for such a large receiver. The chassis and the chassis components are pristine, with no rust or corrosion evident anywhere. Both variable condensers turn smoothly. The IF transformers are all stamped "Madison Moore," and they all test good (all windings are continuous). The Ameritran audio frequency transformers are the correct 1st and 2nd stage transformers. The 1st stage AF transformer (black) has continuous primary and secondary windings. The 2nd stage AF transformer (silver) has an open primary, so it will need to be bridged or bypassed if you wish to make the radio operational. Like most superhets, the radio requires a loop antenna, so bear that in mind if you wish to make this a working set. All 8 tubes are good. The wiring on the underside of the chassis check is beautiful: neat and pristine, with no evidence of repairs or resoldering. The deck itself is also in excellent condition, as are all the supporting struts. The cabinet is a work of art, built like a piece of furniture and still in amazing condition. There's a small hairline where the panel slots into the retaining channel along the right front side of the cabinet, but the radio still slides smoothly into the cabinet, and it sits snugly inside once it's inside. All of the cabinet's carved corner decorations are intact, with no damage anywhere.

The radio measures approx. 32" wide x 15" deep x 11" high. Shipping weight, properly packed, will be approximately 60 lb. That's about it. Iwill it carefully and properly, and Ican assure you thattheradio and tubes willshow upat your doorstepin the samefine condition in which it leaves mine.I have been shipping antique phonographs and radios for years, and if you check my response, you'll see that I know how to do it correctly. I can also deliver the radio in person, and at no charge, to the CC-AWA meet in Charlotte NC next month (March 22nd or 23rd), but payment will need to be settled after the sale ends.Please note the radio is much too large to be shipped overseas; therefore the sale is available only to buyers in the United States and Canada or to buyers in Japan who offer through a recognized US-based freight-forwarding service such as Japan Shop Airlines. sale participants with no prior response history or with private response should contact me before placing a offer.

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