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1941 SCIENTIFIC BATTING PRACTICE - Bat 'em out Boys Baseball, coin op. nickel For Sale

1941 SCIENTIFIC BATTING PRACTICE - Bat 'em out Boys  Baseball, coin op. nickel

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1941 SCIENTIFIC BATTING PRACTICE - Bat 'em out Boys Baseball, coin op. nickel:

For your consideration is a working, complete, and original, very rare “1941 Scientific Batting Practice” - “Bat ‘em out Boys!” arcade contest, Manufactured by Scientific Machine Corporation, in Brooklyn, New York. (Themost recentpatent was acquired in 1936.)

This is truly a baseball gem of yesteryear and the cost of play is onlya nickel for 15 swings at a ball in flight (off a decending ramp/track).

The marquis glass and nostalgic back-lit artis untouched and is great original condition. The scoreboard is also an un-restored original. The posted instruction sign and contest sign are original and remarkably still intact.

Apistol grip-style heavy-duty engineered trigger mechanism isgeared to swing the metal bat.

Thehits and runsareindicated automatically on the scoreboard and you can compare your score with an opponent and/or with the posted sign to see how well you did: (“1-Run Amateur, 3-Runs Semi-Pro, 5-Runs Minor Leaguer, 7-Runs,Big Leaguer, or 9-Runs or over Batting Champion.“)

The higher and longer you drive the ball the better. Homeurnsare awarded with a drive to the upper deckof the "bleachers." "Grounders"and bouncing ballsdo not count forhits.

Requiring hand strength, hand/eye coordination, and good timingto strike the ball in flight, this game is not designed for children, but is best suited to teens or adults.

The balls look like they are either hard wood or somespecial material and are all in perfect condition. They oftencome off the bat with much velocity with a well timed swing. They reload automatically through an ingenious mechanism.

Often the fielders are struck with the batted ball, which accounts for the few amputations, as you can see from the pictures. Even with a decapitation, the player can continue to play for at least 30 more years. Lost heads and body partscan be easily made if necessary.

All glass is unblemished. There is a clear plastic curtain along the sides to protect the glass from the impact of the balls. The front wood-framed cabinetviewing windowcan be unlocked and removed.

This game is complete with 70 years of character marks, scratches, and normal wear from normal usage. The game is sold as is and is in excellent mechanical condition. There are very few of these still in existence in the United States. My machine, serial number 6621, could possibly be the finest un-restored original in existence.

There are two keys which operate the coin box lock, the front cover lock , and the rear cover lock over the operating mechanism. 110 voltagepowers operatingmechanism andlights. There is an easy access, on and off, main power flip switch on the underside.

There are several YOU-TUBE sites which explain the workings of this game and its mechanics. So please consider Googling: “1941 Scientific Batting Practice” to learn the game. A 1941 Scientific Batting Practice game restoration project in one “YouTube” features sold for $7,200.00 according to the owner/narrator in the features, Mike H. of "Vinatge Coin-Op Restorations." (Mike, a pro artist,stated he used a picture ofmy 1941to repro the marquis art and scoreboard, etc. on his restoration project.)

I have included several pictures which I had taken on October 12, 2011.

Owning this highly sought after, one of a kind, baseball artifact would be a “homerun” for any serious mechanical baseball memorabilia collector.

This game, likely seeing most of its playing days in the 1940 and 1950s, was operated by baseball lovers during the hay-day of Ted Williams and Joe DiMaggio, Jackie Robinson, Mickey Mantle and Willy Mays. What tales it could tell if it could talk.

I am age 66 andunable to lift and/or ship such heavy weight. Winning buyer will have to respond to pick up this game which likely weighs about 300 lbs withits hard maple wood, steel and cast iron mechanism. It would require at least two pro football linemen to carefully load it on a pick-up.The overall dimensions are6-1/2 feet tall (including marquis), 5 feet in length, and 26 inches wide.

I have owend this game for over 30 years and haveprotected and preserved it. But it is time to get it to the next care-taker.

I have described this game to the best of my ability. However, I am not a collector of mechanical arcade games and do not have expertise in this field.

I will email additional pictures upon request.

Feel free to ask questions or make an appointment to check out and operate this machine.

This sale will run for 10 days. I have not set a buy is now figure on this item.

Winning buyer must respond to pick up the item within two weeks of close of sale.

Thank you for your consideration.

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